Nesting All Wrong

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I am doing what can only be described as nesting. Now I know this sounds very weird, I mean I’m not pregnant and haven’t been for a good 4 months, but I have a theory on this (I always have a theory right or wrong lol).

See when I was pregnant, right about that time when nesting kicks in, I was pretty much incapacitated. I was on crutches, walking was excruciating, hell sitting, standing and lying down hurt too. To get for the couch to the toilet and back was an excursion in bravery and pain management. So I guess my brain decided to be helpful and forgo the whole nesting thing. Pretty nice of it if you ask me.

However my brain must have also decided that nesting was vitally important, albeit not a critical part of this whole growing a baby thing, and so it sat back and waited. It waited for me to recover from my Caesar. It waited for me to get the hang of caring for two newborn babies and a 4 year old. It waited until I started to get myself more organised. It waited for the housework to start being done on a more regular basis. And then it sprung. Hello unstoppable desire to clean, organise, sell off unwanted or unused items, and a never ending shopping spree to spruce up the place.

So far I haven been behaving myself and have bought most of the items second hand or been gifted them by friends (even when trying to force money on them like some kind of crazed ATM). I have sold off the buffet, coffee table that was a TV stand, bar stools and many other items. In their place I have a proper lowline TV unit, a play centre for Niamh with her table and chairs and a new book display unit for the colouring books, reorganised toys and draws, bought an activity table for the twins, and bought a book display for Niamh’s bedroom. Oh and the item that started it all, a new rug so the twins would have warm backs when playing on the floor. This very cheap rug. I love deals direct!!

But the piece-de-resistance has to be my new table that is on order. This beautiful table that I have been lusting after for such a long time. I have wanted a table that looked somewhat like this since hubby and I first moved in together 8 odd years ago! It is just divine, with chocolate chairs and metal inlay details. The big bonus, we managed to get it on sale. I can’t wait for it to come home and live with us. A close second is a gorgeous second-hand executive desk I got for a steal over on gumtree AND it doesn’t have a gross green leather inlay. I hate green. Of course there is no longer a computer to live on this desk, but I’m hoping our tax returns will help provide a new Mac to take care of that problem.

I’m so happy and filled with euphoria over my nesting blitz that I thought I would share some images of my new look living spaces and items.

20130811-225516.jpgMy beautiful desk, at least 15 years in the desiring.

20130815-144525.jpgThe rug, TV unit, and toys organised. There are 5 tubs of baby toys to be rotated, PS3 games in alphabetical order, Wii games in alphabetical order, Wii miscellaneous stuff, an educational games tub, play dough, spare colouring books and paper, and colouring / craft. There is a box of craft odds and ends and the red tub has a baby train set.

20130815-144835.jpgNiamh’s baby swing out of storage and cleaned up. This one is for playing, the other two for sleeping

20130815-144917.jpgNiamh’s craft area. She has a whole room for her toys,etc but this is for the messy stuff I want to watch her do (to stop ruined carpet and/or walls syndrome!)

20130815-145032.jpgThe new book display. This way favourite books can be kept in Niamh’s room instead of spread from the toy room up the hall

20130815-145125.jpgBarbies live here. A. Drawer for dolls, one for clothes, one for the car and other accessories

20130815-145212.jpgHad this for a while but now organised the movies. High 5, princesses / barbies / Disney females, Disney, wiggles and TV shows, kids movies, older kids movies

Now I know I could have “styled” my house and photos but that wasn’t the point. I am never going to win any prizes for a neat and tidy house, or be featured in Home Decor or any other home magazines. I just wanted to show off what I’ve been busy doing. These photos are the real me, tidy chaos and all lol

Have you undertaken any projects you are proud of lately?


I Have A Friend …


OK so it’s fair to say I’m more than a little behind on my blog reading lately. I just don’t seem to find the time even though I really miss it and really want to find out what’s been happening out there in blogland. Today when I took a few minutes to start reading through my backlog of 100+ posts in my bloglovin’ feed I noticed a while back there was a theme, one that resonated with me, one that I also want to delve into. That theme was FRIENDSHIP.

I have a friend who ….

Is always there for me no matter what

Can never seem to find the time to catch up with me

Goes out of her way to make me feel loved

Accepts me for who I am and doesn’t try to change my crazy ways

Can disagree with me but not make me feel wrong

Supports me in all I do

Listens without judgement

Gets angry at people I am angry at and will tell me to ignore the bullies

Loves my children as if they were her own

Has a secret I can’t wait for her to share with the world so I can be as excited on the outside as I am on the inside

Takes everything I have to give but does not return the favour

Is happy for me to come to her but won’t come to me

I think doesn’t really like me at all

Is just as crazy as I am

Isn’t really a friend at all

Competes with everything I do and puts me down

Talks behind my back and bad mouths everything I do

Has held me as I cried in pain, tears rolling down my face and body heaving in agony

Has stuck up for me in front of complete strangers

I know loves me but doesn’t know how to show it

Only wants to tell me about her life and doesn’t care about mine

Constantly complains about her life but won’t do anything to change it

Is the most amazing person I have ever met and whom I owe so much

Is able to make me feel better when I am down, no matter what

Will always be there until the end

As I read through the above list, of qualities of friends past and present, I realise that quite a few of those qualities show that the women they describe aren’t really friends at all.

Over the years I seem to have less friends but the ones I have are true friends and reflect the qualities that are integral to maintaining a healthy relationship. These women who are a part of my life have helped shape me in ways I am sure they don’t even realise.

I know it’s not the done thing to tell your friends how much you care, and how much they mean to you, but it should be exactly what we do.

To all of my friends out there THANK YOU for the person you are, for the amazing woman and friend you are, for bringing out the me that I love and admire. Without you I would be lost. xoxo

Do you have friends who when you think about it don’t really deserve the title? Do you have amazing women in your life who help you be the best you you can be? Do you tell them how you feel about them?

The Bath

OK so first off let’s just say that the title of this post was originally going to be something along the lines of The Beached Whale or The Bath From Hell, but I thought I might sound overly dramatic using those so the very boring ahem plain The Bath will suffice.

I have been suffering from excruciating back and pelvis pain lately and had the bright idea to soak in a warm bath, best thing for it they say. Well I should have known when putting the plug in was a struggle that a bath was not necessarily the smartest idea.

The actual getting in was quite a struggle, my pelvis has been all stiff and locked up so the whole swinging my leg in just wasn’t happening. Eventually I worked out a system of gripping the bench top, leaning in the opposite direction and using my hand to lift in that first leg. I am sure if anyone had been watching this endeavour they would have left a sizeable puddle on the floor from the tears of mirth and lack of control over their bodily functions at the sight of my hugely pregnant body contorted in such an unwieldy manner all in the aid of a bath!

Once in however, things took a decided turn for the best. Even though there were many parts of me making islands in my paradise, the comfort and relaxation of being in a bath was overwhelmingly soothing. I briefly considered becoming a mermaid for the last leg of this pregnancy just for the pure bliss I was experiencing. I even managed to get my hands on the shell from the barbie mermaid water feature bath toy and repeatedly filled the tiny container to pour over my swollen and cold belly. The twins seemed to love it too. Every time a trickle of water rolled over one of them they would wiggle and bump, creating a spectacular wave-like (or alienesque) show for my viewing pleasure.


20130206-222551.jpg There were only two downsides to the bath thus far.
1. The bath was warm. I don’t know about you but I love my baths to be turn-you-lobster red hot. I will actually empty some water out after cooking relaxing to add pure hot water (I LOVE the feeling of the hot water mingling with the cooler and creeping up my body).
2. I had these guys watching:

Now I don’t know about you but for some reason they creep me right out. I mean you can just tell looking at the starfish he’s a big perve, can’t even look at me straight! The fish is up to something dodgy, the octopus is obviously alarmed at my gargantuan size and is probably wondering how I actually fit in the bath in the first place, and the crab is scared shitless. How are you supposed to relax with all of that going on?

The fun and games, however, began when I tried to get out of the bath. And when I say tried, I mean struggled to lift my body out of the water. And OK, if we’re being honest, when I say struggled I mean was physically unable to lift any part of my body out of the water. Thank God I waited for hubby to get home, and I only did that as obviously only a highly irresponsible parent would have a bath while home alone with their 4 year old daughter (I remembered it would be highly irresponsible whilst getting all the bath things together mind you lol).

So there I am, effectively stuck in the bath, near tears (as if you wouldn’t be, so big you can’t stand up) calling desperately for hubby. He walks in, takes one look and cracks right up. Apparently my unseemly and distressing plight is in some way amusing to him. In some way a comedy routine designed for his benefit. Needless to say, with a lot of arm grabbing, pulling and clinging onto fastly secured objects, I am out and not destined to live my days as some bloated wannabe sea creature.

Niamh, of course, wanted to get in on the act and so mummy had to stand still and be rubbed dry just in case the babies had been upset. The thought of said babies being upset about their mother’s obviously inconsiderate bath adventure led my caring daughter to rain multiple hugs and kisses onto their prison walls.


I would like to end this story by saying I will not be having another bath until the twins are born. That I will not put myself through the humiliation, distress and body-contortioning disaster that is a bathing experience whilst pregnant with twins. However, I would be lying. Because those 20 mins of barely-covered-by-water bliss were truly some of the best 20 minutes I have experienced in the last couple of weeks, and I am not willing to give that up for my pride!!!

Here I go!!!

Ok so here I go.  To say I am a little nervous, a little trepidatious, a little shitting-my-pantsish would be an understatement and a half.  This whole process seems more than I expected and now I am here, staring at this white page with more than a little confusion as to what to do.  The general consensus on the tutorial (yes I am one of THOSE people who likes to research everything they do, annoying I know!) and on the net is that I should already have a “business plan” if you will, on what I am going to write on my blog.  At this point in time, on my first ever post of my first ever REAL blog, I am at a loss.  I do not see myself as a “brand” and I am not sure what that really means anyway.

Why did I start this blog I hear you ask.  Well to put it succinctly (also hard for me, I’m sure you’ll come to see that over a small amount of time) I like to talk, to share, and I am passionate as all hell about, well …. EVERYTHING!  I like to share my opinions, hear those of others, and, OK I can admit it, argue.  I really do like a good debate and don’t worry if you disagree with me, I will respect the hell out of you if you do have a strong sense of what you believe in and can come up with a range of insightful and intelligent  (and not so insightful and intelligent) reasons / arguments as to why I am wrong.  Of course I will also be frustrated at you and just assume that you are wrong (another bad trait of mine).  I will admit, however, that there have been times someone has changed my mind.

OK so on the getting to know me front you now know I talk too much, am passionate, have an opinion on almost anything and am arrogant.  This would be a little false (especially on the arrogant front, although I will admit I can sometimes appear that way).

So what else can I tell you, keeping in mind “blogs should be short and concise” (yes another thing I read on the net).  I am a wife and mother (yes I nearly swapped those terms, poor hubby) and I do not believe I am any better or worse than the average wife and mother out there.  I am a primary school teacher, and I also studying off-campus part-time.  I tell myself my post grad is because at the end I will have all of this knowledge about how to help the students in my class (I’m studying Psychology) but if I’m being honest I just really like to learn about how all different people’s brains tick.  Don’t tell hubby however because I don’t think he would be impressed we are spending all this money because I think its fun!

My hopes for this blog …  simple.  I hope some people will read and enjoy it.  I hope that I have as much fun enjoying writing it as I think I will.  But mostly I hope putting my thoughts out there and sharing my opinions will be cathartic.  I am going to try to be the real me, the one not anyone really knows, and be proud of the truth of that person!

Can you remember writing your first blog?  What did you write?  Do you have any tips or tricks to help me on my way?

Any support or comments to help me would be appreciated!