I am so far behind, had a really shitty time lately, and week 25 is easily up there as one if the worst weeks of my life. So for the next couple of weeks (the ones I am catching up on) there are just photos, maybe a little description. Sorry I will get myself back into it soon.

20130709-163203.jpg Niamh Baking Up A Storm A-La Masterchef

20130709-163310.jpg Harper Practicing Her Fish Lip Pose Ready For The Selfie Years

20130709-163446.jpgDeclan Sleeping Calmly and Peacefully zin Mummy’s Arms




20130617-212053.jpgNiamh Riding Her Bike Like A Little Speed Demon

20130617-212221.jpgHarper Off In Her Own World

20130617-212333.jpgDeclan In One Of His Brief Moments Of Day Sleep

Niamh – We were having a good week until Wednesday came around. I’m not sure what happened or why the attitude reappeared but it was most unwelcome. That being said every day you show in big and little ways what an amazing big sister you are. You love “your” twins with every fibre of your being and would do anything to make them happy. At the true centre of your being you are a beautiful little girl who loves others and wants to make the world happy.

Harper – This week your reflux got worse and your cows milk allergy made itself clear. You were improving on the new formula, things were improving that I didn’t even know we’re a problem until they were no longer there. Then all of a sudden you couldn’t keep your formula down and when we started using thickener you stopped sleeping and became very unhappy. It took getting better to allow your allergy to come to the surface.

Declan – What an eventful week for you. Last week ended with yet another allergic reaction and a visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital. This week saw, FINALLY, a diagnosis of cows milk allergy. With a new formula improvements were immediate. Both you and your sister slept through the night, the whole bloody night, and this continued all week. Unfortunately the new formula was very thin and the vomiting and pain from your reflux came back with a vengeance. With reassurances from the pharmacist we started using a thickener that supposedly did not ave any cows milk protein. The pharmacist was wrong. After every feed a bright red rash would cover your face. We ended up compromising by using less thickener but now both problems are present just lessened. This coming week will begin with a call to the paediatrician and some changes.

Last week I loved the 52 week post from Rebucado A’Cido. Fun at the park, daddy hugs and back lighting. Just gorgeous.



20130612-231650.jpgFairy Niamh And Her Sidekick Banana Bear (Kinder Share Bear)

20130612-231747.jpgBeautiful Harper Snoozing Homie Style

20130612-231848.jpgDeclan In The God-Sent Swing Fighting Sleep

Niamh – We have had such a great week together Miss Thing. Laughs, private jokes and adventures have all been a part of our week. I have lost count of the number of times you have told me you love me and I have to say “Right Back At ‘Ya Kid”. You’re on a roll with the funny face pulling, I love the dicky eye! This weekend we visited your cousin and as per usual you acted more like siblings, bickering included. I’m sure it’s because you are so close and love each other so much!!

Harper – Another week where my gorgeous baby girl just takes it all in her stride and smiles her way through the week. I think it would take a lot to ruffle your feathers my girl. You have developed an admiration for your big sister and you watch her everywhere she goes, and everything she does. It’s so heartwarming to watch. You give the best love eyes and I adore being on the receiving end of them. Those and your amazing hugs!

Declan – Yet another allergic reaction and this time a trip to the Children’s. You have been scaring the living daylights out of your mummy. This time there was facial swelling in your cheeks and above your top lip, you looked like you had a duck bill for a mouth! Then you became hoarse and couldn’t get sounds out (that’s when I started to panic just a bit) but the worst was the instant rash that just appeared on your face and your torso turning bright red. The doctors have no idea really what is going on but are now listening to me and we’re thinking cows milk allergy. We have a script for a new formula so we’ll see if that helps you improve.

Last week I loved the 52 Project blog from Life,Love and Syntax. Gorgeous little Quinn in an amazing black and white photo. Not only does it speak to the rock chick inside me (and all the memories stages bring) but I am so jealous of how amazing a photographer Rebekka is!



20130606-101845.jpgNiamh Pulling Her Go-To Funny Face

20130606-102139.jpgHarper Enjoying Her Bath – Little Water Baby

20130606-102238.jpgDeclan Talking To The Shadows

Niamh – We have had a great week this week. After a little bit of advice from those that care about us , and who could see I was struggling, I have gone back to my usual parenting style. I am ignoring those that say I am too tough on you, too strict, and those that tell me I have to be gentle because of your world changing since the twins have arrived. It’s the best decision I could have made. You still have your off moments but they are now only moments, and we are again enjoying our time together.

Harper – You have been a little unsettled this week, for you anyway. I think your brothers discomfit and pain is affecting you too, you hate to hear him cry. You are really a happy little girl and your smiles are so infectious. You always wake up with a grin and love eyes for us all. Your favourite “game” at the moment is to lie on our chests and roll off to the right. It makes you grin like crazy and I am sure you would do it for hours if nap time didn’t intrude.

Declan – You are still struggling along and this week you have given your mummy and daddy a big fright. Your dermatitis has calmed right down, however your skin is still dry. The vomiting is not quite so bad but your sleep is still terrible. Saturday afternoon when you were having your bottle I noticed you were beginning to swell around the eyes. I raced you down to the local health centre (as it has an emergency care department) and you were taken straight through. By this stage your face was so swollen you could hardly open your eyes, your eyes were red and looked like I had socked you one, your dermatitis appeared out of nowhere, you were wheezing, your tongue was swollen and your lips and under your chin were too. I have never been so scared in my life. It was definitely an allergic reaction but we don’t know what to. You had a milder attack Sunday night and none since. We are now waiting for blood test results as the lactose intolerance ones were negative. Stay strong little man.

Last week my favourite blog was of gorgeous little Sage over at Fields Of Sage. That fluffy hat, those soulful blue eyes. Such a beautiful photo.



20130529-103630.jpgI Love This Photo Of Niamh and I!

20130529-103701.jpgHarper All Cosy And Napping At A Party

20130529-103730.jpg Declan Finally Sleeping (And Apparently Dreaming About Roller Coasters) At A Party

Niamh – You are such a little firecracker. So full of energy, so cheeky, so curious. This week you lost your best friend, your dog Paris, in such a horrible way. I am sorry that you had to experience such grief so young, that I couldn’t help Paris and save her for you, and I am sorry that you now have a real understanding about what death is. I hope in time the sad memories fade and the happy ones become the dominant again.

Harper – You are such a happy and placid little girl. That is until your brother gets upset. Then you let us all know what you think about us. So protective already, the twin bond is so strong. This week you are finally getting the hang of “talking” to us and the joy on your face when you can make these sounds come out is a true delight to behold.

Declan – It’s been a rough week for you my little man. You are struggling to sleep during the day, you have a sore looking dermatitis-like rash all over your face (so scaly and dry), and your vomiting has increased. The doctor is having you tested for lactose intolerance now. I don’t know why you are in pain and unhappy, I just hope we can get to the bottom of it soon and start to help you feel better.

Last week my favourite post was of North and Indigo over at This Whole Family. Such opposites in both children. North with his tousled, slightly grumpy look. Indigo with her pure joy on the swings.



20130521-181246.jpg Niamh Posing After A Bath Wearing My Hair Towel

20130521-181413.jpg Harper Looking Up At Mummy With Love In Her Eyes

20130521-181602.jpg Declan Looking So Cute In His Party Clothes

Niamh – you are such a funny little girl. You take such joy in life and find the funny side of things wherever you go. You are also such a little mum. You beg to change nappies, help with baths and play with “your twins” every chance you get. It’s no surprise they look at you in adoration and save their biggest smiles for you!

Harper & Declan – you’ve both been so unsettled this past week. I’m not sure if we have just had a growth spurt, are in the middle of one,or there is something else bothering you. Daytime sleep is becoming hard to achieve and although you are tired you do not want to go to bed. However you also do not want to be up. I think you are both moving to a new routine (I always let you pave your own way and just follow your lead) but are not sure what that will be as yet.

Harper – you have such big beautiful eyes that show your every emotion. They fill with love, mirth, and unfortunately pain. You are reacting well to the thickened formula and as yet have not had to take any medication for the mild reflux you have. You are a cheeky little thing who pulls off a cute little smirk so easily.

Declan – your reflux has been fairly nasty this week. There have been nights of big vomits that ended up with entire wardrobe changes for the both of us. There have been days and nights of pain that included many tears (anyone who says babies don’t cry tears haven’t seen a baby in pain) and heartache for mummy. But through it all you have a HUGE smile that lights up the room and your baby coos are just heart melting. You are so social and will talk to anyone and everyone, including the news reader on TV.

Last week my favourite 52 Project blog post was of Jessica over at A little pink a little blue. Such gorgeous photos of a beautiful little girl!




20130513-103340.jpgNiamh Having. A Ball At Mothers Day Afternoon At Her Kinder

20130513-103510.jpg Harper Gazing Out Of The Window

20130513-103806.jpgDeclan All Rugged Up For The Cold Weather

Niamh – We’ve had a much better week this week. The tantrums and attitudes lessened, we stopped butting heads and just enjoyed being together. We had a lovely time together at your Kinder’s Mothers Day Afternoon Tea playing together, singing, dancing, along with lots of cuddles. I really loved every second we got to spend alone together.

Harper – This week you yet again proved girls are braver than boys 😉 You and your brother had your immunisations and although you cried (who can blame you) it was only for a second, unlike your brother who cried for quite a while after. You have also been unsettled this week and I miss your ease of sleeping and eating. I hope this is just a phase and you go back to your happy, non-grumpy self soon.

Declan – This week you smiled for the first time. Not just smiled, but smiled at mummy. My poor heart melted into a puddle of goo. Another not so happy first for you however was the appearance of tears. You have been in so much pain with your reflux and it just breaks my heart to hold you while your tears stream down your face and you cry. My poor little man I hope we can get it all under control soon.

Last week my favourite blog post from The 52 Project was over at It Only Gets Better. Little Cedric trying to feed himself with a spoon, unsuccessfully, with a cheeky look on his face melted my heart.


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20130505-164104.jpg Niamh Yet Again Striking A Pose, This Time On Horseback!

20130505-164207.jpg Harper Snuggling Right In For Big Sister Hugs

20130505-164414.jpg Declan With His “Buddy”. There’s No Sleep Unless He’s There To Snuggle!

Niamh – What a week we have had together. You can be such a beautiful, loving little girl one moment and a nasty, hurtful terror the next. This week you have been both angel and devil all rolled into one beautiful package. The start of our week was very rocky with you deciding it was best to be a smart mouth to any and everyone around you. You also acted out by pushing your brother’s head under his bath water, put a blanket over his face (even though we have talked about the dangers of this over and over again because that’s what you do to your dolls) and accidentally kicking your sister in the head when you were acting up near her lying on the playmat. But then we have also had beautiful moments of love and affection, snuggles, laughs and cheekiness that make us so glad you’re a part of our family.

Harper and Declan – This week you both have been so unsettled and had trouble sleeping during the day (and sometimes at night too). There have been days where you did not sleep between feeds all but grizzled and cried your way through, usually at different feeds or tag teaming through one. The reason finally made itself clear yesterday when you both woke up with a snotty nose and watery eyes, a cold has come to visit our house. I also have the feeling you are trying to adjust your sleep cycles (and maybe hopefully preparing to sleep longer than 4 hours between feeds at night) as during the day most feeds are now 3 hours apart. I can wish anyway.

Harper – You have been full of smiles lately even if you haven’t been feeling the best. You already get this very cheeky look and I wish I knew just what you were thinking!

Declan – This week you got to be the first with “a first”. Thursday morning you looked up at me and cooed. Your first “talking” to mummy and you even beat Harper at doing it. You were so proud of yourself and loved it when I cooed back.

Last week I just loved the photos of Eleanor and Garland over at The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse. Not only are the photos so artfully done, I love the fact that both photos show sibling love and similarities.

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Another Niamh Selfie, I Love The Sunlight On Her Face

My Cheeky Little Harper

Declan Trying To Figure Out The World

Niamh – We are both trying to find different ways of being, of sharing our space, of interacting in this world together. I know that four is the age children compete to be alpha girl / boy and spend a lot of time challenging the parent of the same gender. I have watched children of friends and family go through this at the same age, now it’s our turn (thank God I studied Psych at Uni and knew it was a normal progression). This week you have tried to be mum, attempting to take over anything and everything I have been doing with the twins. Frustrating but cute too. We created a rewards chart together so that I could focus on the positives with you, it makes us both smile, and creates such enthusiasm for those little things (like cleaning your room) you have to do.

Harper – This week a very cheeky side of you has appeared. You glance at us out of the corner of your eyes and grin, your whole face lighting up with mirth. The other night you chuckled at me while I blew raspberries on your cheeks. I must admit it took me by surprise, I know it’s very early for that. Thankfully there were other people around to hear it too otherwise I would think I’d imagined it!

Declan – It’s been a difficult week for you poor little man. I’m sure you’re in the middle of a growth spurt but I also think you’re suffering from bad tummy aches. It doesn’t seem to matter how long we pat and rub your back, or how many times you burp, you end up screaming in pain. This has also lead to you sleeping a lot less. 4am and 4pm seem to be the worst times for you, there is usually not much sleep until your next feed. Hopefully this resolves itself soon and you are happier again.

Last week I was captivated by gorgeous Penny over at Monkey & Squirrel. Wearing a beautiful yellow and white sundress and gnawing on a lemon she brought a smile to my face!



Niamh Passed Out On The Couch After A Big Day

Harper And Declan Automatically Turn Towards One Another When Placed Side By Side

Niamh – This week your mood swings have returned in full force. I must admit that they surprise me in their intensity. I expected moodiness but I thought the throwing yourself on your bed in a fit of tears and the screaming of “you’re ruining my life” at me would be reserved for your teenage years. How wrong I was!! Lucky you still retain all of your beautiful qualities or I might have sold you to the circus by now!!

Harper – This week you have become even more of a snuggle bunny, if that can be believed! You want nothing more than hugs and kisses from everyone you meet and have shared your beautiful smile with special family and friends. It amazes me how calm and relaxed you are.

Declan – You are displaying very protective tendencies towards your twin, such an admirable quality for a brother to have. If you hear her cry you join in, but its not your normal cry, it is definitely a telling us off yell. You have also cultivated a very strong dislike of being naked and will now scream at the top of your lungs if we even take your bottom half of clothes off in preparation for a nappy change!

My favourite 15/52 post from last week was brought to us by Jodie herself from Che & Fidel, the creator of the 52 Project. I love the complementary photography of the morning and afternoon light, the balance of it all. Such gorgeous children, such beautiful photography.