20130825-212857.jpgAnother Party Same Outfit, Same Hair. She Would Look Like This Every Day If I Let Her!!

20130825-213038.jpgMiss Independent – I’ll Only Eat If I Do It Myself!

20130825-213207.jpgHe’s Growing Up So Fast!

Niamh – We had one of your old daycare friends’ birthday parties this weekend and you were so excited to see the old gang again. You miss them so much and they miss you too. It’s so beautiful seeing you all together, your excitement at reuniting, the love you all have for each other. You were also so helpful, handing out birthday cake to all the kids, and making sure everyone was happy. I love seeing the gentle caring side of you.

Harper – OMG child slow down. You want to spend all of your time on your tummy and refuse to roll over still. You try to get your legs under you and pull with your arms. Please stay little for a while longer, I can’t fathom you crawling yet! You have become so co-ordinated with your hands and easily grab and pull things, and successfully transfer them to your mouth. In your play table you are able to push things across the table, around in circles and up and down. Where has my baby gone?

Declan – You have become extremely social this week and have also discovered mummy “disappears” when you can’t see her. This has lead to a very full on week of always being spoken to and having mummy in eyesight, or tears and tantrums begin. You are developing an aversion to your middle big sister (Harper) touching you but I don’t blame you. I know she does it out of love but clawing your face does not look fun for you. You are more settled when you sleep and your tantrums when you are put to bed are decreasing. You are such a happy little man.

Bonus photo – Sibling Love, Nothing Sweeter


My favourite 33/52 blog can be found over at summerplayshouse. Gorgeous Eloise, such a happy looking little girl with a beautiful smile that lights up the frame!!




20130819-130741.jpgSo Excited About Going To A Party

20130819-130914.jpgHaving A Big Stretch

20130819-131124.jpgThis One Loves His Milk

I have decided that this 52 Project is entitled ‘Happiness Is …’ and I’m just going to write about all the ways you show happiness.

Niamh – You dance around the house like a ballerina. Leaping, twirling, hands and feet in ‘position’ (whatever that is). You dress up and clunk around in high heels calling yourself Princess Niamh, bowing to your subjects. You snuggle up close to me on the couch and kiss my arm. You continually tell me you love me and I reply I love you to the moon and back. You don’t want to go to bed at night because you want to stay with us. You have a beautiful heart and love your brother and sister with all your heart. Hugging, kissing, snuggling and playing with them, making them laugh so hard they shake. I chose a blurry photo of you this week, not because I didn’t have beautiful and clear photos of you but because this one shows your absolute joy.

Harper – The second you see me walk into the room to get you out of bed your whole face lights up with the biggest of smiles. Sometimes you even laugh in joy. You love pulling toys, strings, clothes and hair. You prefer tummy time to anything else and crack the sads if you have to roll back over, even if you are too tired to stay on your front. I suppose that explains the whole no longer rolling question. You love the red chew monkey and the purple elephant. You LOVE Niamh and ignore everyone else if she is around, she always gets your loudest laughs. You try to roll over onto your tummy but get stuck on your side. It doesn’t phase you though just a different way to play. You are a mummy’s girl and your best snuggles always come to me.

Declan – When you wake up you grin and have the biggest stretch. When you see me come into the room you kick your legs in excitement. You are extremely talkative and can make so many different sounds. Like a typical male you are more willing to talk when busy, especially when getting your nappy changed. I am sure you are telling me all about your dreams. You love the musical mobile and talk away to it as you smack the toys and make the songs play. You would rather play on your back because tummy time makes you vomit. You also love Niamh more than anyone and she gets your best belly chuckles. However, your favourite time of the night is bath time. You laugh, kick and splash in total excitement and love having the water run over your head.

My favourite 32/52 blog post was over at Angels Have Red Hair. Two very happy boys and the memory of an important milestone, getting your L’s.



20130810-221730.jpgEvery Occasion Deserves A Pose, Even Apple Eating!

20130810-221829.jpgOoooh Who Is That In The Phone???

20130810-221913.jpgI’m A Cutie And I Know It!

Niamh – Oh my word was the first half of this week difficult yet again. By Wednesday morning you had a ban on TV, the iPad, no toys to sleep with, no barbies to play with, no cooking on Thursday, and had been sent to your room so many times I had lost count. Then I refused to take you to the play centre to see your friends. I was not rewarding your disgusting behaviour (like hissing and spitting at me on top of all your usual naughty things) even though that meant I missed out on catching up with friends. Then along came Dr Phil. Thank God for Dr Phil. We usually have him on in the background as I make lunch and this episode was definitely Heaven sent. As you enquirer “Mummy why is that girl crying?” I was able to answer honestly that she wanted to stay with her parents but Dr Phil was sending her to a special camp to learn how to be nice to her family again. You agreed the videos they were showing of her were “disgusting” and “she’s a naughty girl isn’t she mum”. The opening to a great discussion about how you have been behaving. You still can’t vocalise if anything is bothering you, and you usually can, so either it’s just nothing but being 4, or you don’t even know. Either way the rest of the week was lovely.

Harper – This week your appetite is back, Thank God. I’ve learnt to wait until you complain and tell me in no uncertain terms you are hungry, otherwise I might as well tip the bottle down the sink. Night wakings have again becoming a common occurrence and I have no idea why. You don’t really want your dummy, you won’t drink a bottle and even after your nappy is changed the waking every 10 minutes continues for around an hour. I think maybe you just want everyone to know you’re awake and not happy about it. You are becoming very nifty with those hands of yours and can grab things (both big and little) and everything now goes into your mouth. One of your favourite things at the moment is grabbing the red teething monkey from your play gym and attacking it like a shark. Your other favourite thing is your big sister. You worship her and when she is in the room no-one else gets a look in. I believe poor Niamh will have a shadow once you are on the move.

Declan – Oh my poor little sick man. Yesterday your voice went hoarse and I thought it was yet another problem with your reflux. Either way your drastic increase in refluxing had me worried so I took you to the doctor. Your check up was going well: no fever, ears looked good, chest sounded good (even though to me you sounded rattle) but then we got to the throat. Your poor swollen, red raw throat. So infected you had pus on your right tonsil. You are such a brave little man and must have a huge pain threshold as you have been your usual happy self. Laughing, talking and playing like nothing was wrong. On the talking front you have two new sounds bwa and th. So very cute watching you discover new ways to make sound.

Last week my favourite 31/52 blog post was over at Orangemush. A gorgeous bubba in the early morning light, and a little diva in her car seat looking oh so cool.



20130806-200148.jpgSuch A Handful!

20130806-200240.jpgLooking At Me With Love In Her Eyes

20130806-200345.jpgGorgeous Little Man Becoming Such A Chubba

Niamh – Lost: Kind little girl who cares for others, uses her manners, speaks nicely and shows love. Found: Angry little girl who yells and shouts, speaks rudely to others including strangers, throws massive tantrums, cries over nothing and hisses at her mummy. Would love to trade this found child for the one I have lost, I really miss her love and happy nature. Not sure where she went and not sure why.

Harper – Oh my lord the love you have for your mummy is truly amazing. You love to throw yourself forwards to give me kisses and have a special smile just for when I come into your vision. We have a couple of new talents. My least favourite is the dummy throw. You have figured out how to take your dummy out of your mouth and then toss it away. Pity you still want it. You are also starting to get your knees under your body. Not quite all the way yet but closer each day. Slow down bubba there is plenty of time for that.

Declan – You have put on so much weight lately, obviously all you needed was a formula that didn’t go straight through you! Unfortunately you are still getting facial rashes from your formula and your reflux is just getting worse and worse with each passing day. You are now on the maximum dose of losec and yet the projectile vomitting is increasing. You are also now getting silent symptoms and you have a cough and hoarse voice that the paediatrician thinks might also be the reflux. Increased reflux symptoms can indicate you need a fully hydrolysed formula, geez I hope not. I also hope it all settles down for you soon, you have been through so much already you deserve a break.

Last week my favourite 30/52 post was over at The Beetle Shack. Zephe, Pippi and Elke are just gorgeous but my favourite photo of the three is definitely Zephe hiding in the pizza oven. So gorgeous.



20130731-204743.jpgBut I Don’t Want A Photo Mummy!

20130731-204918.jpgHello Mummy, I Love You!!

20130731-205649.jpgKicking Back And Relaxing, Looking So Much Like My Daddy

Niamh – This week you have been obsessed with being a ballerina. You have been going into your dress-ups and putting on your old ballet outfit. It’s funny really because although you love dancing you absolutely HATED dance classes, especially ballet. You are more of a free-form dancer and no surprises here, you hate being told what to do! Your love of baking grows more each day and Thursday has become baking day. So far we’ve made chocolate cake, chocolate truffles and rainbow cupcakes. I love sitting back and letting you go, just helping with the instructions and the hot or electric things.

Harper – All of a sudden this week you stopped rolling from your tummy to your back. I became concerned and couldn’t figure out why. Then it became clear. It wasn’t that you couldn’t anymore, it’s because you don’t WANT to. And then something else became all too clear. You have started trying to propel yourself forward. I say propel because at the moment you reach with your arms but your legs are doing all the work. Your legs already have the know-how of commando crawling your arms just need to catch up. Slow down little girl stay my baby for a little longer. This week you also had your first real laugh, a real big laugh it was too. Unfortunately for me your mirth was at my obvious pain while you took a big fistful of my hair at the roots and you yanked repeatedly as hard as you possibly could. I was too busy laughing along to save myself.

Declan – Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd welcome back allergic reactions. Thank God no swelling or breathing problems but horrible, red and inflamed rashes that hurt and itch, just on your face. You are so unhappy. I just keep moisturising and using your steroid cream and hope you get some relief. I promise we will get to the bottom of this. This week I also noticed just how much you LOVE bath time. Your sisters are both fans, and enjoy baths a lot, but you take your love to the next level. I think it’s safe to say there is NO OTHER CHILD IN THE WORLD who loves bath time as much as you do. From the second I start undressing you the rap dancing begins. You wiggle and giggle, them the panting comes. You are just so damn excited. Then there is the walk to the bathroom with little squeals. But the best bit, for you and everyone else, is when you are placed in the bath and water starts running over your body. You create tsunamis in the bath tub with your excited thrashing. It is truly so heart melting to watch.

Last week my favourite of the 29 week projects was over at It Only Gets Better. Little Cedric enjoying his bath struck a chord with me.




20130723-212446.jpgNatural Beauty. Better Invest In A Shot Gun Ready For Those Teenage Years!

20130723-212606.jpgWhat’s That Over There?

20130723-212725.jpgAre You Serious?

Niamh – You are such a beautiful girl inside and out. It is so beautiful watching you interact with your brother and sister. You are so loving towards them and they return that love to you a thousand-fold. They watch your every move and have special smiles just for you. This week has seen the re-emergence of the cocky, smart-mouthed Niamh. I have to admit she’s not my favourite person. I much prefer the Niamh who still has her own mind and is confident enough to share it, but does so without the attitude or being rude to others. It must be hard trying to work out your place in this world.

Harper – We have found our voice and discovered what a varied and interesting instrument it is too. The sounds that you make are so funny to listen to, especially your new going to sleep drone. You have also discovered your hands are great for grabbing onto things you want to explore more closely. It’s amazing to you that you can pull things into your mouth, although fluffy things aren’t that great to eat lol. It’s amazing to ME just how much you are changing and how fast you are growing up.

Declan – Well we have mastered raspberry blowing. St first I had no idea what was going on and was getting quite concerned you were constipated. We had days of ridiculous looking duck faces going on, puffed out cheeks and red faces. Then all of a sudden it all clicked and bbbwwww your first raspberry. And weren’t you so very proud of yourself. The funny thing is, you won’t show off your new talent if you think someone is watching. You wait until our head is turned (although I will admit I pretend not to look and peek anyway) and off you go. Perhaps you think you are being rude you little rebel.

Last week my favourite 28/52 post was of Ruby, Cole, and Eliot over at Milk Please Mum. The absolute joy on Ruby’s face, the big brown eyes of Cole, and Eliot’s look of mischief. I love seeing kids on a farm!




20130723-145141.jpgNiamh Rocking A Fashion Statement In Bed

20130723-145402.jpgHi Mummy, I Love You!

20130723-150525.jpgMy Little Cool Dude

Niamh – Back at Kinder this week and boy did you miss it. In all honesty we both couldn’t wait for you to go back. You were grumpy and kept whinging you wanted to go back. Of course first day back you are all excited,we had to leave early to keep you happy (I’d been holding you off all day lol) and once we were there you were bouncing off the walls. Of course when it was time for mummy to leave the tears started. Such a funny, contrary little girl.

Harper – What a week of growth and changes for you. You have been off your food but I’ve read that’s normal when going through a growth spurt or reaching milestones. You can now roll from your tummy to your back and with a little help can go the other way too. It’s so funny watching you on your back kicking your legs and rolling onto your shoulder and then cracking the sads because you can’t quite get over. You are so vocal now and making so many different sounds and pitches with your voice. It’s amazing how much you have grown and changed in such a small amount of time.

Declan – If Harper is the happy baby then you are most definitely the jolly one. You laugh all of the time, at anything and everything. You have a repertoire of giggles, chuckles, squeals and belly laughs that are just a true delight to hear. At first you would only laugh at your daddy (who can blame you really) and even though he still gets the biggest and best laughs I now also get a look in too. Now if only we could figure your sleeping out we’d be set.



20130716-115406.jpgNiamh And One Of Her Discoveries

20130716-115505.jpgHarper Learning How To Grip

20130716-115603.jpgDeclan And His How You Going Smile

Niamh– It’s amazing how something small, mundane and insignificant can become something big, exciting and new when you discover it. You are such a curious and clever little girl who delights in discovering the world around you. It’s wonderful to rediscover the world through your eyes.

Harper – You are such a happy little girl. You wake up with a huge grin for your daddy and I, you play with that huge grin plastered to your face, and you go to bed still with that big grin. You are definitely mummy’s girl at the moment but only for feeds. Happy to play with anyone God forbid if anyone bar me gives you a bottle.

Declan – Well hello there Mr Strong-Willed. You know what you do and do not want to do, and when you do and do not want to do it. You’re not a fan of the daytime sleep and like to fight naps even when your eyes are closed from pure exhaustion. I think you are going to be just like your big sister when you grow up!

Three / 52

It’s halfway through the year, and halfway through the 52 Project. Over at Che and Fidel this week there is a special post just for people to post their three favourite photos of each child so far. I love the idea and am definitely in so here they are:



It’s been a big year for you my gorgeous, crazy girl. Moving house, starting kinder, and becoming a big sister. We’ve had our ups and downs adjusting to being together all of the dime, and we are still working out how to relate positively. I’ll be honest, four is a hard age for the both of us, but I can see the amazing little girl you are becoming. I have money worries about your readiness for school next year, you really could go now to be honest. You are curious, intelligent and so eager to learn. I love the games we play together and how you try to chest even though you know I am watching you! Its amazing watching you with my iPad andI love the fact your favourite things are the educational games I’ve downloaded for you. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for you.



It’s hard to believe that four months ago you were not yet here, not yet a part of our lives. The last three months have seen you grow and change. You are our happy baby. Always waking with a huge smile. So talkative and excited to interact. You love to be held close and kissed all over your face. You have mastered cooing, rolling from your tummy to your back, and can rake things with your hands deliberately. You have just recently discovered your hands and tongue and its hilarious watching you discover them. You will laugh silently when you are ultra happy but the sound eludes you as of yet, and you are trying your hardest to roll from your back to your stomach. As a big sister to Declan you are so protective and are constantly checking to make sure he is OK, or reaching over to hold his hand. You also love your big sister Niamh and watch her wherever she goes. You are a true joy and blessing to our lives.



Declan you are such a funny little man already. You have battled through some shocking things already in your first three months of life and its made you a little grumpy, but nobody came blame you. Shocking reflux, allergic reactions on multiple occasions (face swelling, hoarseness, turning red on your face and torso, instantaneous dermatitis on your face), multiple blood tests and a real difficulty to settle and resettle. However you were the first to smile and coo to us, and you are also the first to laugh. And laugh you do, at everything and everyone. Big belly chuckles that are a true delight to hear and behold. You haven’t yet mastered rolling but you can deliberately touch and rake things with your hands. On occasion you have also grabbed hold of things but then get shocked it worked and can’t let go without help. You love to kick in the water and try so very hard to sit up on your own. When propped up on a pillow you can almost get there. It’s been a wonder meeting you and spending the time to get to love you even more, I can’t wait to see what else you will do first.


This week we escaped to my Dad’s house down at the beach. He lives a quick 5 minute walk to the sand, and an even quicker 3 minute walk to a supermarket and chemist. It was nice to get away and ignore it all for a couple of days!

20130709-163925.jpg Niamh Wave Watching And Thinking About What To Put On Her Sand Face Sculpture

20130709-164246.jpg Harper Laughing At Her Daddy, Such A Funny Man

20130709-164403.jpg Declan Sleeping Peacefully Again. All the Walking In Fresh Sea Air Helps Him Find His Zen