20130825-212857.jpgAnother Party Same Outfit, Same Hair. She Would Look Like This Every Day If I Let Her!!

20130825-213038.jpgMiss Independent – I’ll Only Eat If I Do It Myself!

20130825-213207.jpgHe’s Growing Up So Fast!

Niamh – We had one of your old daycare friends’ birthday parties this weekend and you were so excited to see the old gang again. You miss them so much and they miss you too. It’s so beautiful seeing you all together, your excitement at reuniting, the love you all have for each other. You were also so helpful, handing out birthday cake to all the kids, and making sure everyone was happy. I love seeing the gentle caring side of you.

Harper – OMG child slow down. You want to spend all of your time on your tummy and refuse to roll over still. You try to get your legs under you and pull with your arms. Please stay little for a while longer, I can’t fathom you crawling yet! You have become so co-ordinated with your hands and easily grab and pull things, and successfully transfer them to your mouth. In your play table you are able to push things across the table, around in circles and up and down. Where has my baby gone?

Declan – You have become extremely social this week and have also discovered mummy “disappears” when you can’t see her. This has lead to a very full on week of always being spoken to and having mummy in eyesight, or tears and tantrums begin. You are developing an aversion to your middle big sister (Harper) touching you but I don’t blame you. I know she does it out of love but clawing your face does not look fun for you. You are more settled when you sleep and your tantrums when you are put to bed are decreasing. You are such a happy little man.

Bonus photo – Sibling Love, Nothing Sweeter


My favourite 33/52 blog can be found over at summerplayshouse. Gorgeous Eloise, such a happy looking little girl with a beautiful smile that lights up the frame!!



2 thoughts on “34/52

  1. thank you so much for liking my portrait this week! Your children are beautiful and Eloise’s middle name is actually Harper! (After Harper Lee the author). 🙂

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