20130819-130741.jpgSo Excited About Going To A Party

20130819-130914.jpgHaving A Big Stretch

20130819-131124.jpgThis One Loves His Milk

I have decided that this 52 Project is entitled ‘Happiness Is …’ and I’m just going to write about all the ways you show happiness.

Niamh – You dance around the house like a ballerina. Leaping, twirling, hands and feet in ‘position’ (whatever that is). You dress up and clunk around in high heels calling yourself Princess Niamh, bowing to your subjects. You snuggle up close to me on the couch and kiss my arm. You continually tell me you love me and I reply I love you to the moon and back. You don’t want to go to bed at night because you want to stay with us. You have a beautiful heart and love your brother and sister with all your heart. Hugging, kissing, snuggling and playing with them, making them laugh so hard they shake. I chose a blurry photo of you this week, not because I didn’t have beautiful and clear photos of you but because this one shows your absolute joy.

Harper – The second you see me walk into the room to get you out of bed your whole face lights up with the biggest of smiles. Sometimes you even laugh in joy. You love pulling toys, strings, clothes and hair. You prefer tummy time to anything else and crack the sads if you have to roll back over, even if you are too tired to stay on your front. I suppose that explains the whole no longer rolling question. You love the red chew monkey and the purple elephant. You LOVE Niamh and ignore everyone else if she is around, she always gets your loudest laughs. You try to roll over onto your tummy but get stuck on your side. It doesn’t phase you though just a different way to play. You are a mummy’s girl and your best snuggles always come to me.

Declan – When you wake up you grin and have the biggest stretch. When you see me come into the room you kick your legs in excitement. You are extremely talkative and can make so many different sounds. Like a typical male you are more willing to talk when busy, especially when getting your nappy changed. I am sure you are telling me all about your dreams. You love the musical mobile and talk away to it as you smack the toys and make the songs play. You would rather play on your back because tummy time makes you vomit. You also love Niamh more than anyone and she gets your best belly chuckles. However, your favourite time of the night is bath time. You laugh, kick and splash in total excitement and love having the water run over your head.

My favourite 32/52 blog post was over at Angels Have Red Hair. Two very happy boys and the memory of an important milestone, getting your L’s.



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