20130810-221730.jpgEvery Occasion Deserves A Pose, Even Apple Eating!

20130810-221829.jpgOoooh Who Is That In The Phone???

20130810-221913.jpgI’m A Cutie And I Know It!

Niamh – Oh my word was the first half of this week difficult yet again. By Wednesday morning you had a ban on TV, the iPad, no toys to sleep with, no barbies to play with, no cooking on Thursday, and had been sent to your room so many times I had lost count. Then I refused to take you to the play centre to see your friends. I was not rewarding your disgusting behaviour (like hissing and spitting at me on top of all your usual naughty things) even though that meant I missed out on catching up with friends. Then along came Dr Phil. Thank God for Dr Phil. We usually have him on in the background as I make lunch and this episode was definitely Heaven sent. As you enquirer “Mummy why is that girl crying?” I was able to answer honestly that she wanted to stay with her parents but Dr Phil was sending her to a special camp to learn how to be nice to her family again. You agreed the videos they were showing of her were “disgusting” and “she’s a naughty girl isn’t she mum”. The opening to a great discussion about how you have been behaving. You still can’t vocalise if anything is bothering you, and you usually can, so either it’s just nothing but being 4, or you don’t even know. Either way the rest of the week was lovely.

Harper – This week your appetite is back, Thank God. I’ve learnt to wait until you complain and tell me in no uncertain terms you are hungry, otherwise I might as well tip the bottle down the sink. Night wakings have again becoming a common occurrence and I have no idea why. You don’t really want your dummy, you won’t drink a bottle and even after your nappy is changed the waking every 10 minutes continues for around an hour. I think maybe you just want everyone to know you’re awake and not happy about it. You are becoming very nifty with those hands of yours and can grab things (both big and little) and everything now goes into your mouth. One of your favourite things at the moment is grabbing the red teething monkey from your play gym and attacking it like a shark. Your other favourite thing is your big sister. You worship her and when she is in the room no-one else gets a look in. I believe poor Niamh will have a shadow once you are on the move.

Declan – Oh my poor little sick man. Yesterday your voice went hoarse and I thought it was yet another problem with your reflux. Either way your drastic increase in refluxing had me worried so I took you to the doctor. Your check up was going well: no fever, ears looked good, chest sounded good (even though to me you sounded rattle) but then we got to the throat. Your poor swollen, red raw throat. So infected you had pus on your right tonsil. You are such a brave little man and must have a huge pain threshold as you have been your usual happy self. Laughing, talking and playing like nothing was wrong. On the talking front you have two new sounds bwa and th. So very cute watching you discover new ways to make sound.

Last week my favourite 31/52 blog post was over at Orangemush. A gorgeous bubba in the early morning light, and a little diva in her car seat looking oh so cool.



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