Giving Back

I have decided to start a new series on this blog. This series will be of no gain to myself and will not be sponsored. It’s all about me supporting others. I really liked the book Pay It Forward (never seen the movie but want to) and this is my way of following the concept. I love the idea of doing something to help someone for no other reason than I can.

This series will feature blog posts about small businesses, predominantly mumpreneurs (although no sexism here dadpreneurs welcome too) and small business owners who I believe offer high-quality goods and services. I am thinking it will run as an interview with a little bio and links to the businesses. I will also include photos, info and a review of whatever good/s and/or services I accessed.

I am not planning on this being a regular occurrence, like a monthly blog, but will just write a post when I feel I have something to share. I will not be asking (or accepting) ANYTHING from these businesses. However they will be businesses I have used myself previously. I will also not feature businesses that I have not used myself or that I am not 100% happy with. It’s just my way of sharing things that I have sourced for myself that I loved. If I love them maybe you would too, or that’s what my thinking is. Basically, just like in the real world, where I would tell my friends about great services and goods I had received, it’s me telling my online friends the same thing.

I already have a couple of businesses lined up or in mind. In the interests of being open and honest some are friends. Again, I would not recommend just because of this, I’m not into nepotism. Some are also complete strangers. Actually the first two I have in mind are people I do not personally know but were recommended to me through word of mouth.

I’m not exactly sure what to call this series, so any ideas are welcome. Maybe even just Paying It Forward – business name??

If you have a business, or would like to recommend a business you love, that could be included in this series, you can email me their details at:


I love to chat, and the best way to do that is if you leave a comment. Thanx for taking the time!

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