20130806-200148.jpgSuch A Handful!

20130806-200240.jpgLooking At Me With Love In Her Eyes

20130806-200345.jpgGorgeous Little Man Becoming Such A Chubba

Niamh – Lost: Kind little girl who cares for others, uses her manners, speaks nicely and shows love. Found: Angry little girl who yells and shouts, speaks rudely to others including strangers, throws massive tantrums, cries over nothing and hisses at her mummy. Would love to trade this found child for the one I have lost, I really miss her love and happy nature. Not sure where she went and not sure why.

Harper – Oh my lord the love you have for your mummy is truly amazing. You love to throw yourself forwards to give me kisses and have a special smile just for when I come into your vision. We have a couple of new talents. My least favourite is the dummy throw. You have figured out how to take your dummy out of your mouth and then toss it away. Pity you still want it. You are also starting to get your knees under your body. Not quite all the way yet but closer each day. Slow down bubba there is plenty of time for that.

Declan – You have put on so much weight lately, obviously all you needed was a formula that didn’t go straight through you! Unfortunately you are still getting facial rashes from your formula and your reflux is just getting worse and worse with each passing day. You are now on the maximum dose of losec and yet the projectile vomitting is increasing. You are also now getting silent symptoms and you have a cough and hoarse voice that the paediatrician thinks might also be the reflux. Increased reflux symptoms can indicate you need a fully hydrolysed formula, geez I hope not. I also hope it all settles down for you soon, you have been through so much already you deserve a break.

Last week my favourite 30/52 post was over at The Beetle Shack. Zephe, Pippi and Elke are just gorgeous but my favourite photo of the three is definitely Zephe hiding in the pizza oven. So gorgeous.



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