20130731-204743.jpgBut I Don’t Want A Photo Mummy!

20130731-204918.jpgHello Mummy, I Love You!!

20130731-205649.jpgKicking Back And Relaxing, Looking So Much Like My Daddy

Niamh – This week you have been obsessed with being a ballerina. You have been going into your dress-ups and putting on your old ballet outfit. It’s funny really because although you love dancing you absolutely HATED dance classes, especially ballet. You are more of a free-form dancer and no surprises here, you hate being told what to do! Your love of baking grows more each day and Thursday has become baking day. So far we’ve made chocolate cake, chocolate truffles and rainbow cupcakes. I love sitting back and letting you go, just helping with the instructions and the hot or electric things.

Harper – All of a sudden this week you stopped rolling from your tummy to your back. I became concerned and couldn’t figure out why. Then it became clear. It wasn’t that you couldn’t anymore, it’s because you don’t WANT to. And then something else became all too clear. You have started trying to propel yourself forward. I say propel because at the moment you reach with your arms but your legs are doing all the work. Your legs already have the know-how of commando crawling your arms just need to catch up. Slow down little girl stay my baby for a little longer. This week you also had your first real laugh, a real big laugh it was too. Unfortunately for me your mirth was at my obvious pain while you took a big fistful of my hair at the roots and you yanked repeatedly as hard as you possibly could. I was too busy laughing along to save myself.

Declan – Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd welcome back allergic reactions. Thank God no swelling or breathing problems but horrible, red and inflamed rashes that hurt and itch, just on your face. You are so unhappy. I just keep moisturising and using your steroid cream and hope you get some relief. I promise we will get to the bottom of this. This week I also noticed just how much you LOVE bath time. Your sisters are both fans, and enjoy baths a lot, but you take your love to the next level. I think it’s safe to say there is NO OTHER CHILD IN THE WORLD who loves bath time as much as you do. From the second I start undressing you the rap dancing begins. You wiggle and giggle, them the panting comes. You are just so damn excited. Then there is the walk to the bathroom with little squeals. But the best bit, for you and everyone else, is when you are placed in the bath and water starts running over your body. You create tsunamis in the bath tub with your excited thrashing. It is truly so heart melting to watch.

Last week my favourite of the 29 week projects was over at It Only Gets Better. Little Cedric enjoying his bath struck a chord with me.




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