The FlyLady Is Revolutionising My Life

Ok so I have been promising this post for a while and I have been trying to write it but didn’t know where to start. After having the twins life was chaos for months. The house looked like a bomb had hit it and I had no time or energy to change it. I was unhappy because I was surrounded by mess and clutter, the floors were dirty and clothes were not being washed regularly enough. That was the worst part. Waking up and realising you actually had NOTHING to wear. And not in the teenage way, or the fat and ugly day way. There was literally no clean clothes (that fit post pregnancy) to cover my nakedness. And it wasn’t just my clothes, it was also a Hubby and Niamh. The only ones who always had clean clothes were the twins and that seemed like a daily occurrence what with all the changes of Declan’s vomitty clothes and bedding.

Then one morning I got a chance to eat breakfast on my own (a miracle really). Niamh was at kinder and both twins were asleep. So as I sat and munched some crumpets oozing with honey and had my first cup of tea in forever, I opened up bloglovin’ and started catching up on my reading. It was during this quiet morning moment that I read something that changed my life. It was a small mention, not even the main idea of the blog post, but there was a reference to someone called The Flylady. A reference that was so obscure and hidden that even after days of searching all the blogs I read I can’t find the bloody blog it was so I can give credit. Sorry if I find it I will edit and add it in, I hate not giving credit where credit is due.

This mention of The Flylady was in conjunction with an idea of cleanliness, or was it organisation? I can’t remember. I just remember thinking ‘I wonder what that’s all about’ and clicking on the link. Best decision I have ever made after reading a blog (was going to say I ever made but then what does that say about getting married and having kids lol?). Here was this whole revolution that I had never heard of, never been included in, and I was miffed. I thought everyone knew about this miraculous Flylady and her routines and organisation ideas. Turns out I was wrong so here I am sharing it with you.

Basically The Flylady is a website that helps you get organised and clean one day at a time. They are a set of basic daily routines (usually carried out morning and night) to help keep your house “company ready” (you can tell its American just from that quote lol) and its damn easy to do. There is a section on the website called Getting Started and that’s where I headed. 31 days of things to do to, you guessed it, to get started on changing your messy habits.

Well it’s been about a month for me and I’m taking it slowly, making sure I am actually doing the previous steps before moving on to the next, to make sure these habits stay. Currently I am on day 10 but I have also cheated and read through some other sections and have added things that aren’t yet mentioned in the daily steps. I’m doing what works for me and that’s fine.

The biggest things that have changed in my house:
* People are now actually allowed to use my toilet and I don’t feel like dying of shame and embarrassment
* The doors to the bedrooms are left open because its not shaming what others would see
* My kitchen is clean and I can actually cook in there
* There are dishes to put said cooking on
* There are clothes to be worn so I no longer need to consider becoming a nudist
* The clothes are actually where they belong, in drawers and wardrobes, and not piled in the study or hiding clean and rumpled in baskets
* I feel good about my surroundings and also myself
* I don’t have panic attacks if someone ‘just drops around’
* I don’t need to rush to the supermarket with all 3 kids in tow so we can have dinner (maybe that was the worst part)
* My sink is so shiny and clean!

All from following some very quick and easy routines and advice, by getting myself a little more organised, and through thinking ahead. I won’t go into huge detail, that’s what all those links above are for, to encourage you to go check it out for yourself, but I will share the 3 big things I have taken from it so far.

1. You can do anything for 2 minutes, or 5, and you DO have those 2-5 minutes even if you think you don’t. (Internal dialogue that helps, in a snarky voice “seriously you don’t have time to just … SERIOUSLY????)

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be done (another internal dialogue and a paraphrasing of a motto from The Flylady, this is actually my biggest helper).

3. Ten minutes of organising myself, thinking ahead,and writing a couple of quick lists, saves me hours of work and trouble.

So go and check out The Flylady, give it a go, then please come back and let me know what you think. For me it’s been life changing and such a positive thing in my life, especially mentally.

Oh and a little tip, unless you like trawling through 30 odd emails a day, most of those testimonials that end up trying to sell you something from the Flylady store, don’t sign up for the emails. You can just as easily go onto the website each day and check The Launch Pad for your reminders and help.

Are there any life changing things you have experienced or stumbled across that you would like to share / recommend to others? And by others I mean me. And by share I mean tell me now and stop being such a life changing hog. Ahem, please 🙂


4 thoughts on “The FlyLady Is Revolutionising My Life

    • Maybe not ‘all sorted’ but a huge improvement to what my house usually looks like and is lol. Baby steps, slowly, slowly, but there is already a noticeable difference and I like that! What’s the Aussie version?

      • Aussie version is the organised housewife, you’ll like her. Lots of free printable and recipes too. She is starting something new on Monday for stay at home mums

      • I’ve heard of her but thought she just had hints and tricks to get yourself more organised around the home, not a program to follow. I’ll go check her out later today. Thanx

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