20130723-212446.jpgNatural Beauty. Better Invest In A Shot Gun Ready For Those Teenage Years!

20130723-212606.jpgWhat’s That Over There?

20130723-212725.jpgAre You Serious?

Niamh – You are such a beautiful girl inside and out. It is so beautiful watching you interact with your brother and sister. You are so loving towards them and they return that love to you a thousand-fold. They watch your every move and have special smiles just for you. This week has seen the re-emergence of the cocky, smart-mouthed Niamh. I have to admit she’s not my favourite person. I much prefer the Niamh who still has her own mind and is confident enough to share it, but does so without the attitude or being rude to others. It must be hard trying to work out your place in this world.

Harper – We have found our voice and discovered what a varied and interesting instrument it is too. The sounds that you make are so funny to listen to, especially your new going to sleep drone. You have also discovered your hands are great for grabbing onto things you want to explore more closely. It’s amazing to you that you can pull things into your mouth, although fluffy things aren’t that great to eat lol. It’s amazing to ME just how much you are changing and how fast you are growing up.

Declan – Well we have mastered raspberry blowing. St first I had no idea what was going on and was getting quite concerned you were constipated. We had days of ridiculous looking duck faces going on, puffed out cheeks and red faces. Then all of a sudden it all clicked and bbbwwww your first raspberry. And weren’t you so very proud of yourself. The funny thing is, you won’t show off your new talent if you think someone is watching. You wait until our head is turned (although I will admit I pretend not to look and peek anyway) and off you go. Perhaps you think you are being rude you little rebel.

Last week my favourite 28/52 post was of Ruby, Cole, and Eliot over at Milk Please Mum. The absolute joy on Ruby’s face, the big brown eyes of Cole, and Eliot’s look of mischief. I love seeing kids on a farm!




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