20130723-145141.jpgNiamh Rocking A Fashion Statement In Bed

20130723-145402.jpgHi Mummy, I Love You!

20130723-150525.jpgMy Little Cool Dude

Niamh – Back at Kinder this week and boy did you miss it. In all honesty we both couldn’t wait for you to go back. You were grumpy and kept whinging you wanted to go back. Of course first day back you are all excited,we had to leave early to keep you happy (I’d been holding you off all day lol) and once we were there you were bouncing off the walls. Of course when it was time for mummy to leave the tears started. Such a funny, contrary little girl.

Harper – What a week of growth and changes for you. You have been off your food but I’ve read that’s normal when going through a growth spurt or reaching milestones. You can now roll from your tummy to your back and with a little help can go the other way too. It’s so funny watching you on your back kicking your legs and rolling onto your shoulder and then cracking the sads because you can’t quite get over. You are so vocal now and making so many different sounds and pitches with your voice. It’s amazing how much you have grown and changed in such a small amount of time.

Declan – If Harper is the happy baby then you are most definitely the jolly one. You laugh all of the time, at anything and everything. You have a repertoire of giggles, chuckles, squeals and belly laughs that are just a true delight to hear. At first you would only laugh at your daddy (who can blame you really) and even though he still gets the biggest and best laughs I now also get a look in too. Now if only we could figure your sleeping out we’d be set.



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