Three / 52

It’s halfway through the year, and halfway through the 52 Project. Over at Che and Fidel this week there is a special post just for people to post their three favourite photos of each child so far. I love the idea and am definitely in so here they are:



It’s been a big year for you my gorgeous, crazy girl. Moving house, starting kinder, and becoming a big sister. We’ve had our ups and downs adjusting to being together all of the dime, and we are still working out how to relate positively. I’ll be honest, four is a hard age for the both of us, but I can see the amazing little girl you are becoming. I have money worries about your readiness for school next year, you really could go now to be honest. You are curious, intelligent and so eager to learn. I love the games we play together and how you try to chest even though you know I am watching you! Its amazing watching you with my iPad andI love the fact your favourite things are the educational games I’ve downloaded for you. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for you.



It’s hard to believe that four months ago you were not yet here, not yet a part of our lives. The last three months have seen you grow and change. You are our happy baby. Always waking with a huge smile. So talkative and excited to interact. You love to be held close and kissed all over your face. You have mastered cooing, rolling from your tummy to your back, and can rake things with your hands deliberately. You have just recently discovered your hands and tongue and its hilarious watching you discover them. You will laugh silently when you are ultra happy but the sound eludes you as of yet, and you are trying your hardest to roll from your back to your stomach. As a big sister to Declan you are so protective and are constantly checking to make sure he is OK, or reaching over to hold his hand. You also love your big sister Niamh and watch her wherever she goes. You are a true joy and blessing to our lives.



Declan you are such a funny little man already. You have battled through some shocking things already in your first three months of life and its made you a little grumpy, but nobody came blame you. Shocking reflux, allergic reactions on multiple occasions (face swelling, hoarseness, turning red on your face and torso, instantaneous dermatitis on your face), multiple blood tests and a real difficulty to settle and resettle. However you were the first to smile and coo to us, and you are also the first to laugh. And laugh you do, at everything and everyone. Big belly chuckles that are a true delight to hear and behold. You haven’t yet mastered rolling but you can deliberately touch and rake things with your hands. On occasion you have also grabbed hold of things but then get shocked it worked and can’t let go without help. You love to kick in the water and try so very hard to sit up on your own. When propped up on a pillow you can almost get there. It’s been a wonder meeting you and spending the time to get to love you even more, I can’t wait to see what else you will do first.


2 thoughts on “Three / 52

  1. Beautiful Bec love reading your posts ! Glad you found your Mojo again !
    OMG Twins are 4 months old already ?! Where oh where did that time go ?
    Cant wait for cuddles and kisses tomorrow xxx

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