20130617-212053.jpgNiamh Riding Her Bike Like A Little Speed Demon

20130617-212221.jpgHarper Off In Her Own World

20130617-212333.jpgDeclan In One Of His Brief Moments Of Day Sleep

Niamh – We were having a good week until Wednesday came around. I’m not sure what happened or why the attitude reappeared but it was most unwelcome. That being said every day you show in big and little ways what an amazing big sister you are. You love “your” twins with every fibre of your being and would do anything to make them happy. At the true centre of your being you are a beautiful little girl who loves others and wants to make the world happy.

Harper – This week your reflux got worse and your cows milk allergy made itself clear. You were improving on the new formula, things were improving that I didn’t even know we’re a problem until they were no longer there. Then all of a sudden you couldn’t keep your formula down and when we started using thickener you stopped sleeping and became very unhappy. It took getting better to allow your allergy to come to the surface.

Declan – What an eventful week for you. Last week ended with yet another allergic reaction and a visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital. This week saw, FINALLY, a diagnosis of cows milk allergy. With a new formula improvements were immediate. Both you and your sister slept through the night, the whole bloody night, and this continued all week. Unfortunately the new formula was very thin and the vomiting and pain from your reflux came back with a vengeance. With reassurances from the pharmacist we started using a thickener that supposedly did not ave any cows milk protein. The pharmacist was wrong. After every feed a bright red rash would cover your face. We ended up compromising by using less thickener but now both problems are present just lessened. This coming week will begin with a call to the paediatrician and some changes.

Last week I loved the 52 week post from Rebucado A’Cido. Fun at the park, daddy hugs and back lighting. Just gorgeous.



2 thoughts on “24/52

  1. Soo glad Declan is doing better now !
    Poor bubbas
    Whoop woop sleeping through the night !! How many hours did u get ?

    • Short lived sleeping through last night was hell lol. Before that they were sleeping until 7am. It was so wonderful. The pay off was them feeding every 3 hours instead of 4 so nothing much was getting done but I can live with that lol. Hopefully this week gets better.

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