20130612-231650.jpgFairy Niamh And Her Sidekick Banana Bear (Kinder Share Bear)

20130612-231747.jpgBeautiful Harper Snoozing Homie Style

20130612-231848.jpgDeclan In The God-Sent Swing Fighting Sleep

Niamh – We have had such a great week together Miss Thing. Laughs, private jokes and adventures have all been a part of our week. I have lost count of the number of times you have told me you love me and I have to say “Right Back At ‘Ya Kid”. You’re on a roll with the funny face pulling, I love the dicky eye! This weekend we visited your cousin and as per usual you acted more like siblings, bickering included. I’m sure it’s because you are so close and love each other so much!!

Harper – Another week where my gorgeous baby girl just takes it all in her stride and smiles her way through the week. I think it would take a lot to ruffle your feathers my girl. You have developed an admiration for your big sister and you watch her everywhere she goes, and everything she does. It’s so heartwarming to watch. You give the best love eyes and I adore being on the receiving end of them. Those and your amazing hugs!

Declan – Yet another allergic reaction and this time a trip to the Children’s. You have been scaring the living daylights out of your mummy. This time there was facial swelling in your cheeks and above your top lip, you looked like you had a duck bill for a mouth! Then you became hoarse and couldn’t get sounds out (that’s when I started to panic just a bit) but the worst was the instant rash that just appeared on your face and your torso turning bright red. The doctors have no idea really what is going on but are now listening to me and we’re thinking cows milk allergy. We have a script for a new formula so we’ll see if that helps you improve.

Last week I loved the 52 Project blog from Life,Love and Syntax. Gorgeous little Quinn in an amazing black and white photo. Not only does it speak to the rock chick inside me (and all the memories stages bring) but I am so jealous of how amazing a photographer Rebekka is!



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