20130529-103630.jpgI Love This Photo Of Niamh and I!

20130529-103701.jpgHarper All Cosy And Napping At A Party

20130529-103730.jpg Declan Finally Sleeping (And Apparently Dreaming About Roller Coasters) At A Party

Niamh – You are such a little firecracker. So full of energy, so cheeky, so curious. This week you lost your best friend, your dog Paris, in such a horrible way. I am sorry that you had to experience such grief so young, that I couldn’t help Paris and save her for you, and I am sorry that you now have a real understanding about what death is. I hope in time the sad memories fade and the happy ones become the dominant again.

Harper – You are such a happy and placid little girl. That is until your brother gets upset. Then you let us all know what you think about us. So protective already, the twin bond is so strong. This week you are finally getting the hang of “talking” to us and the joy on your face when you can make these sounds come out is a true delight to behold.

Declan – It’s been a rough week for you my little man. You are struggling to sleep during the day, you have a sore looking dermatitis-like rash all over your face (so scaly and dry), and your vomiting has increased. The doctor is having you tested for lactose intolerance now. I don’t know why you are in pain and unhappy, I just hope we can get to the bottom of it soon and start to help you feel better.

Last week my favourite post was of North and Indigo over at This Whole Family. Such opposites in both children. North with his tousled, slightly grumpy look. Indigo with her pure joy on the swings.



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