20130521-181246.jpg Niamh Posing After A Bath Wearing My Hair Towel

20130521-181413.jpg Harper Looking Up At Mummy With Love In Her Eyes

20130521-181602.jpg Declan Looking So Cute In His Party Clothes

Niamh – you are such a funny little girl. You take such joy in life and find the funny side of things wherever you go. You are also such a little mum. You beg to change nappies, help with baths and play with “your twins” every chance you get. It’s no surprise they look at you in adoration and save their biggest smiles for you!

Harper & Declan – you’ve both been so unsettled this past week. I’m not sure if we have just had a growth spurt, are in the middle of one,or there is something else bothering you. Daytime sleep is becoming hard to achieve and although you are tired you do not want to go to bed. However you also do not want to be up. I think you are both moving to a new routine (I always let you pave your own way and just follow your lead) but are not sure what that will be as yet.

Harper – you have such big beautiful eyes that show your every emotion. They fill with love, mirth, and unfortunately pain. You are reacting well to the thickened formula and as yet have not had to take any medication for the mild reflux you have. You are a cheeky little thing who pulls off a cute little smirk so easily.

Declan – your reflux has been fairly nasty this week. There have been nights of big vomits that ended up with entire wardrobe changes for the both of us. There have been days and nights of pain that included many tears (anyone who says babies don’t cry tears haven’t seen a baby in pain) and heartache for mummy. But through it all you have a HUGE smile that lights up the room and your baby coos are just heart melting. You are so social and will talk to anyone and everyone, including the news reader on TV.

Last week my favourite 52 Project blog post was of Jessica over at A little pink a little blue. Such gorgeous photos of a beautiful little girl!




2 thoughts on “20/52

    • So sorry I bring on your tears. Nessa is definitely a mini Niamh. Every time you tell us something new about Nessa I laugh because its something Noamh has, or would, do lol!

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