20130513-103340.jpgNiamh Having. A Ball At Mothers Day Afternoon At Her Kinder

20130513-103510.jpg Harper Gazing Out Of The Window

20130513-103806.jpgDeclan All Rugged Up For The Cold Weather

Niamh – We’ve had a much better week this week. The tantrums and attitudes lessened, we stopped butting heads and just enjoyed being together. We had a lovely time together at your Kinder’s Mothers Day Afternoon Tea playing together, singing, dancing, along with lots of cuddles. I really loved every second we got to spend alone together.

Harper – This week you yet again proved girls are braver than boys πŸ˜‰ You and your brother had your immunisations and although you cried (who can blame you) it was only for a second, unlike your brother who cried for quite a while after. You have also been unsettled this week and I miss your ease of sleeping and eating. I hope this is just a phase and you go back to your happy, non-grumpy self soon.

Declan – This week you smiled for the first time. Not just smiled, but smiled at mummy. My poor heart melted into a puddle of goo. Another not so happy first for you however was the appearance of tears. You have been in so much pain with your reflux and it just breaks my heart to hold you while your tears stream down your face and you cry. My poor little man I hope we can get it all under control soon.

Last week my favourite blog post from The 52 Project was over at It Only Gets Better. Little Cedric trying to feed himself with a spoon, unsuccessfully, with a cheeky look on his face melted my heart.


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