The Positivity Files 3

Artwork by Niamh

20130508-220716.jpg * I had such a wonderful bonding experience with Niamh when I went to her Kinder’s Mothers Day Afternoon Tea. It’s the first time I was able to go to something like this and hubby was wonderful, organising to work from home and stay with the twins so it could just be the two of us. We played doctors, with play dough, sang, danced, painted and drew pictures. I even got to eat chocolate balls she had made!!!



* FINALLY getting a smile from Declan. Geez that boy made me work hard for the privilege. However I can say mummy got the first one, it was MASSIVE, and all because I gave him a kiss. What mummy doesn’t love that!

20130508-220815.jpg * Creating kick ass play dough snowmen with Miss Niamh, we did an awesome job if I do say so myself!!!!

20130508-221145.jpg * THIS

20130508-221256.jpg * and THIS

20130508-221422.jpg * and THIS

* After a night of pretty much no sleep, a day of tired babies yet again not sleeping, hubby away for work, and feeling like a zombie, it was great to go to mum’s. A delicious dinner I didn’t cook, chocolate pudding for desert, and people other than me to soothe the twins and play with Niamh.

* Sleep, oh blessed sleep. After our Wednesday night of hell the twins decided to increase their night time block of sleep. They now feed at 7pm, go to sleep at around 8pm after their bottle and sleep all the way to 1 or 2am. After a feed they’re usually down until at least 6:30 if not 7am. Lets hope this is a trend that continues and perhaps increases!!!

* FRIDAY. Just all of it. For lots of reasons and none really in particular. It was just a wonderful nothing of a day. Hubby came home from a business trip, I got blessed sleep (more than expected), it was a beautiful day, beautiful friends visited, Niamh was happy. It was great!

* Niamh and the funny things she says increase my happiness every day. My favourite from this week was when we had just pulled up home from Kinder. There was a balding, fairly rotund man working on the excavator that seems permanently parked outside our house (don’t get me started this is a positivity post). As we pull into the driveway Niamh comes out with “OMG I can’t believe this” (I was waiting for “shit” as that’s what it sounded like) in an attitude filled tone. “What’s wrong?” I queried, just a little concerned. “The fat controller’s here” she replied, deadpan. Lets just say she has my sense of humour and we both had to wipe tears of mirth away.

* Saturday night I was feeding Declan his bedtime bottle. Hubby had already taken Harper off to bed. It was just Declan and I in a darkened room, enjoy our time alone, snuggling. When all of a sudden Declan pushed the bottle out of his mouth, stilled, and looked up at me with absolute unconditional love shining out of his eyes. I was spellbound and sat there slowly melting into a puddle of goo.


20130514-181557.jpg* Mother’s Day. I was thoroughly spoiled. Shopping, my beautiful new teapot and teas, finding the jacket I have been lusting over in my size AND on sale, and a voucher to go shopping for new clothes! Throw in a delicious dinner I didn’t cook and it was perfection!!



* Maroon 5. OK I know you’re thinking oooooookaaaaaay but the reason is three pronged. One, their music is just awesome, I love the way it makes me feel, and you can just power out their lyrics at the top of your voice and feel kick ass (guess who has just rotated her entire collection back into her cars playlist). Two, uh hello ADAM FRICKEN LEVINE. That man is damn hot, like damn hot. And three, ADAM FRICKEN LEVINE.

20130510-205435.jpg Wouldn’t kick him out of bed if he farted I tell you! Photo was taken as part of the Everyman Charity. Oh and yes, you’re welcome 😉

What wonderful, positive or exciting things happened in your world this week?

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2 thoughts on “The Positivity Files 3

  1. OMG!!!! The fat controller line got me!!!
    That kid is bloody hilarious!!!
    Glad things have been getting better for you towards the end of your week xx

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