The Positivity Files 2

Artwork by Niamh

This week I’ve found it’s helped immensely shifting my focus from the negative to the positive. I feel calmer and more accepting of the downs when I can see so many ups in my life!

20130501-174301.jpg * My new car. Now I have room for the two rear facing car seats and Niamh’s booster in the back without being shoved into the steering wheel and the passenger eating glove box!! It’s a cool looking people mover and makes me think of the A Team. I feel bad ass every time I sit in it.

* Harper’s hungry cry is the funniest thing ever. She starts off quiet but every 5 seconds or so it sounds like she is yelling HEY at the top of her lungs. Cracks me up every time!!

* Grocery Shopping Online, my saviour!!! At the moment I’m not supposed to drive (a 30 second kinder drop off doesn’t count I say) and being housebound really makes it hard to get certain things done, like the weekly shop. Thanks to online grocery shopping and delivery I can do it all from my couch. Not only can I see all available items and find the bargains, I can also control my spending thanks to a running tally, and I am not tempted by impulse buys. This will definitely continue even when I can drive (and save me trying to figure out how to manage the twins at the same time).

* Friends who are plumbers (or should I say Hubby’s cricket mates who are plumbers). After Niamh’s discovery of gravity using an outdoor drain pipe and large rocks, and a hefty $1700 plus quote to fix the resulting issues, it was an amazing feeling when said friend came, spent an hour and resolved the issue to a tune of $200. HUGE sigh of relief!!

* Some lovely mums from Kinder invited Niamh and I (and the twins of course) to the local play centre Friday because Kinder was closed for the day. It was nice to get out, make new friends, and enjoy a quick cuppa, all while Niamh burnt off some of her boundless energy.

* The closeness that is achieved when you sit down and actually talk about issues, even when you didn’t know they were there or as big as what they were. There is a lot to be said for actually telling someone how you feel, especially when it’s done in a non-threatening or blaming way.

* The finding of a solution for arsenic hour at the unlikeliest of places. Whilst at my Aunty’s 50th Birthday Party, with music pumping loudly, and whilst in new sleeping bags snuggled in the pram, the twins slept through 5pm to 10pm without any trouble or whimpers from either of them. Needless to say I am now willing to turn my house into a nightclub to get the twins to sleep!!

20130502-094724.jpg * I have begun to burn my candles again. The house smells wonderful and I love the feeling I get from having them releasing their beautiful scents.

I’ve just discovered Google Reader is soon to go kaput. This will really suck for all of you wonderful followers who use Google Reader, or one of its associated apps like Feeddler RSS, as you will stop being able to access my blog posts effortlessly. So I suggest you all head over to Bloglovin’ (and /or download the app) and follow my post there. Just click the link below:

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