20130505-164104.jpg Niamh Yet Again Striking A Pose, This Time On Horseback!

20130505-164207.jpg Harper Snuggling Right In For Big Sister Hugs

20130505-164414.jpg Declan With His “Buddy”. There’s No Sleep Unless He’s There To Snuggle!

Niamh – What a week we have had together. You can be such a beautiful, loving little girl one moment and a nasty, hurtful terror the next. This week you have been both angel and devil all rolled into one beautiful package. The start of our week was very rocky with you deciding it was best to be a smart mouth to any and everyone around you. You also acted out by pushing your brother’s head under his bath water, put a blanket over his face (even though we have talked about the dangers of this over and over again because that’s what you do to your dolls) and accidentally kicking your sister in the head when you were acting up near her lying on the playmat. But then we have also had beautiful moments of love and affection, snuggles, laughs and cheekiness that make us so glad you’re a part of our family.

Harper and Declan – This week you both have been so unsettled and had trouble sleeping during the day (and sometimes at night too). There have been days where you did not sleep between feeds all but grizzled and cried your way through, usually at different feeds or tag teaming through one. The reason finally made itself clear yesterday when you both woke up with a snotty nose and watery eyes, a cold has come to visit our house. I also have the feeling you are trying to adjust your sleep cycles (and maybe hopefully preparing to sleep longer than 4 hours between feeds at night) as during the day most feeds are now 3 hours apart. I can wish anyway.

Harper – You have been full of smiles lately even if you haven’t been feeling the best. You already get this very cheeky look and I wish I knew just what you were thinking!

Declan – This week you got to be the first with “a first”. Thursday morning you looked up at me and cooed. Your first “talking” to mummy and you even beat Harper at doing it. You were so proud of yourself and loved it when I cooed back.

Last week I just loved the photos of Eleanor and Garland over at The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse. Not only are the photos so artfully done, I love the fact that both photos show sibling love and similarities.

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