The Positivity Files

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I have always been an over-sharer, very vocal about what is going on in my life, and some people would say I lack boundaries. I am a big believer in the importance of venting. The release it gives you, the clarity, and a lot of time a new point of view from whoever you are venting to. I’m also not one to hold things back. If I feel or think it, you will probably hear it, unless I think it’s going to lead to massive conflict, then I tend to bite my tongue.

Unfortunately over the last year or so I have noticed my venting increasing and my mind set changing. I have become more negative and jaded. I look at myself and think whinger. It’s not a great realisation or feeling to have. So when Bel over at Life @ No. 2 asked what word we would like to embody our coming year, in lieu of a New Years Resolution, I immediately knew what my word would be. I’m sure you can all guess what it is too…..


Unfortunately, looking back at my year so far, especially my blog posts, I know I am missing the mark and have a long way to go.

So I have decided to start The Positivity Files. A dedicated weekly blog where I will detail things from my week that have been good, wonderful, amazing even. Things I am grateful for, that have made my week special, those moments I am truly blessed to have experienced no matter how big or small.

The first instalment follows below:

* I am truly blessed to be a mother of twins. I was terrified of the thought throughout my entire pregnancy and yet now it is a reality I look back and shake my head. I don’t believe I can truly explain how it feels to be a mother of twins. It’s like the most beautiful feelings of being a mother times a million. I feel blessed to have two beautiful babies to love. Two newborns with their beautiful newborn smell, delicious hugs and small moments that only newborns can share with you. The heart swelling emotions I feel when I watch them, even now at a month old, interact and seek one another out. I really don’t think anyone but another mother of twins could understand that what I thought would be a terrifying ordeal is one of my life’s most beautiful blessings.

* I have an amazing husband (even if he does give me the shits now and then). He is such a hands on father, always willing to get in there and do whatever needs to be done. Nappy changes, feeds, taking over at 4:30am when I just can’t soothe a crying or unsettled baby for a second more, letting me sleep in when I am exhausted, and a million more things. He is a wonderful husband but also an amazing father. Niamh idolises him and loves the special things they do together. I just know Harper and Declan will feel exactly the same way.

* I am lucky to have some very close and supportive friends who accept me for who I am. This is actually rarer then you may think. I have a couple of friends who, when I am around them, I can just be me. I don’t have to watch what I say or do, they know who I am, my eccentricities and quirks and they accept them and like me anyway lol. I know there are times when I offend others, never by intent, but just through my passionate nature. Never more than the last couple of weeks have I been so grateful for these people, who I am sure know who they are.

* 4 year old humour, there is nothing like it in the world. The way Niamh can just laugh and experience joy with her whole being. You can’t help but laugh along, even if its just at witnessing her all out mirth. The way she will tell me a story about something funny, or witness something funny alongside me, and with pure enjoyment and laughter look up at me and say “that’s so funny is it mummy”. Not a question as it may sound but just a statement (we’re still learning about contractions)

* Sunny, rain-free days. In all honesty I hate winter more than any other season. Rainy, overcast days just get me down. There is something so depressing about them. So I am happy we have seen the sun so much this week. Not only does it lift my spirits but it also means Niamh can go outside and run around, burning off some of that boundless energy she has!

* Kinder, oh Kinder, how I love thee. First of all don’t judge me for my heartfelt joy of Niamh-free moments. I love my daughter but we both need a break now and then. Kinder allows me to nap, clean or (for now while the twins are so little) take time to do something just for me. Later on Kinder will allow for time with just the twins. Niamh also loves Kinder so much and can not wait to go each week. So all-in-all it’s a win-win situation!

What positive things have happened in your life this week, big or small?


4 thoughts on “The Positivity Files

  1. Bec, I’m glad that you have looked back on your ‘word’ and found that you need to change your mindset a bit. It can be really easy, a little too easy sometimes to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. Sometimes I filter what I talk about, because, sometimes if I don’t talk about it, it makes the problem seem a little less. Good on you for trying to move forward and find the positives in each and every day xx

    • I totally agree. The more I dwell on the negatives, the more down I feel, so the more I notice the negatives, then the more I dwell on them. It’s a vicious cycle! I feel better already just actively looking for the positives no matter what is happening.

      • and when people are feeling negative in their own lives, they look to their friends and others to boost their moods with their positive outlook. So for you it will be great and for people who you surround yourself with (just keep in mind though everyone, including you, does deserve a good whinge and poor me moment every now and again!). xx

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