Another Niamh Selfie, I Love The Sunlight On Her Face

My Cheeky Little Harper

Declan Trying To Figure Out The World

Niamh – We are both trying to find different ways of being, of sharing our space, of interacting in this world together. I know that four is the age children compete to be alpha girl / boy and spend a lot of time challenging the parent of the same gender. I have watched children of friends and family go through this at the same age, now it’s our turn (thank God I studied Psych at Uni and knew it was a normal progression). This week you have tried to be mum, attempting to take over anything and everything I have been doing with the twins. Frustrating but cute too. We created a rewards chart together so that I could focus on the positives with you, it makes us both smile, and creates such enthusiasm for those little things (like cleaning your room) you have to do.

Harper – This week a very cheeky side of you has appeared. You glance at us out of the corner of your eyes and grin, your whole face lighting up with mirth. The other night you chuckled at me while I blew raspberries on your cheeks. I must admit it took me by surprise, I know it’s very early for that. Thankfully there were other people around to hear it too otherwise I would think I’d imagined it!

Declan – It’s been a difficult week for you poor little man. I’m sure you’re in the middle of a growth spurt but I also think you’re suffering from bad tummy aches. It doesn’t seem to matter how long we pat and rub your back, or how many times you burp, you end up screaming in pain. This has also lead to you sleeping a lot less. 4am and 4pm seem to be the worst times for you, there is usually not much sleep until your next feed. Hopefully this resolves itself soon and you are happier again.

Last week I was captivated by gorgeous Penny over at Monkey & Squirrel. Wearing a beautiful yellow and white sundress and gnawing on a lemon she brought a smile to my face!



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