Niamh Passed Out On The Couch After A Big Day

Harper And Declan Automatically Turn Towards One Another When Placed Side By Side

Niamh – This week your mood swings have returned in full force. I must admit that they surprise me in their intensity. I expected moodiness but I thought the throwing yourself on your bed in a fit of tears and the screaming of “you’re ruining my life” at me would be reserved for your teenage years. How wrong I was!! Lucky you still retain all of your beautiful qualities or I might have sold you to the circus by now!!

Harper – This week you have become even more of a snuggle bunny, if that can be believed! You want nothing more than hugs and kisses from everyone you meet and have shared your beautiful smile with special family and friends. It amazes me how calm and relaxed you are.

Declan – You are displaying very protective tendencies towards your twin, such an admirable quality for a brother to have. If you hear her cry you join in, but its not your normal cry, it is definitely a telling us off yell. You have also cultivated a very strong dislike of being naked and will now scream at the top of your lungs if we even take your bottom half of clothes off in preparation for a nappy change!

My favourite 15/52 post from last week was brought to us by Jodie herself from Che & Fidel, the creator of the 52 Project. I love the complementary photography of the morning and afternoon light, the balance of it all. Such gorgeous children, such beautiful photography.



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