Niamh transfixed by the giraffes at the zoo.

Niamh – You are such an amazing big girl. The things you say, think and do truly amaze me. You have been pondering the human body lately and have been sharing your thoughts and theories with me, and they are true delights. My favourite so far is “Mum I have something in my body that turns food into wee and poo”. Such a smart little girl!

Harper sleeping peacefully on our shopping trip.

Harper – You are such a gorgeous little girl. You love your kisses so much and make kissy noises if we stop. When I kiss your cheeks you turn your head so that I kiss your mouth. I am sure you are thinking I don’t know how to give kisses properly so you are giving me a hand. I love that small window of non-feeding awake time we have to share these special moments.

Declan finally sleeping after a valiant effort to stay awake and see all the new things at the shops.

Declan – You are such an affectionate little boy. You love your hugs as much as Harper loves her kisses. Because of your reflux you need to be kept upright for at least 10 minutes after a feed and you take this time to snuggle in. The minute someone puts you upright onto their shoulder you put your arms out and burrow in. It is the most wonderful thing.

My favourite 52 Project from last weeks can be found at Flight Platform Living. Three children exploring the outdoors, all rugged up and having a ball. This reminds me of my own childhood and what I think is important for all children. Time outside just to be kids!



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