Niamh Modelling Her New Shower Cap

Niamh – Your week has been filled with love, enthusiasm and lots of hugs. You are such a wonderful helper and want to do everything with your twins that sometimes we need to rein you in just a little. You have been very snugly and cuddly this week but are happy to wait until the twins are in bed. So far no sign of any overt jealousy. We are so lucky o have such a wonderful big girl and sister like you!

Harper Relaxing In Her Second Bath, Loving Every Minute

Harper – You smiled at me this week. You were looking up at me with love in your eyes and I said I loved you. Your face lit up and you gave me the most beautiful smile. And no it wasn’t gas, and no I’m truly not kidding myself. You are such an easy going baby, so relaxed, so cuddly. When you are hungry however you will attack any bare skin you can find until you are fed. You fill all of our hearts with joy.

Declan Experiencing His First Bath, Definitely A Water Baby

Declan – You are still so small and tiny, yet so very strong. Trying to get you to move your hands from your mouth so you can feed takes quite an effort. You are beginning to put on weight but still need to be woken for feeds. Even when you do wake you’re that quiet we can’t hear you if there is any other noise. You’ve been vomiting after feeds, some small some quite impressive Exorcist-worthy projectiles but didn’t seem fussed. Lately however you’ve also been in pain, screaming out in a heart-breaking high-pitched squeal and bringing your knees up. Don’t worry though we’ve had plenty of experience with reflux with your big sister and know what to do!

My favourite entry of the 13/52 posts is definitely from Life at no. 2. The morning sun filtering through, sibling hugs and such love shining through. The fact that it is also black and white truly makes this shot!

And a little extra something just for this week. I was originally going to use this photo for the twins but thought they deserved their own shot after last week. Just another example of the closeness of twins and how much Harper loves hugging her brother!




3 thoughts on “14/52

  1. You have 3 gorgeous children Bec. I think the bond between twins is amazing, your picture captures this beautifully xx

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