13/52 – Welcome to the World Twinnies

What an eventful week and what an exciting 52 Project Post for me. This is THE post where ALL of my children are here and included!!!!

Niamh’s First Hugs With Harper

Niamh’s First Hugs With Declan

Niamh– this week you became a big sister and it is obvious this is a role you were always meant to have. Your love for YOUR twins shines through everything you do to help mummy and daddy, the way you hug and kiss them every chance you get, the way you carefully help burp them and change their nappies. It has been an exciting week, an emotional week, a hard week for you but just know we are so proud of you!

Harper And Declan Sharing Twin Hugs

Harper – First born, bigger twin, self settler from the start. You are calm and settled, so different from the womb. In the hospital you would go to sleep watching over Declan, making sure he was there and ok before you would drift off. You make such cute little grunting sounds when you feed, you must really enjoy your milk! When you were born the very first thing your daddy said to me was that you look just like your big sister Niamh, and he was right. We love you so much and are so happy you are here to join our family.

Declan – youngest child, smallest twin, our little professor. You have had a few small ups and downs but are just so strong. When it’s time to feed you let us know, there’s no forgetting with you around. The head thrashing to find the teat, the excited noises as the bottle approaches, the grasping grabbing hands that yank anything in reach, make us laugh. You have such a serious old man face and you peer at us all with this little frown that just screams “what is this?” We love you so much and are so happy you are here to complete our family of five.

My favourite 52 Project post from last week would have to be retro 80’s Baby V over at Momica’s Musings. I love the cheeky fake wave, the bright colours, and that shock of dark hair with the fluro pink headband!



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