20130326-235126.jpg. Such a Daddy’s girl!

This week your highlight would definitely have to be going to a daddy’s cricket grand final. Daddy had to get you dressed, do your hair and pack your bag! You had a ball running around free with all of the other kids, climbing hills, running around and getting filthy. You did such a great job staying off the playing field once you understood what the witches hats were for. Blackwood cricket oval is the perfect place to play for you and mummy. Especially for me knowing there is only one entrance / exit and as long as I parked myself on a chair near there you were pretty much safe. You were also so very, very proud when Daddy’s team won. You were the FIRST person on the pitch, running full pelt into his arms screaming “YAY Daddy”. All in all pretty much a perfect day for us all!

My favourite 52 Project post from this week is from Lamb loves Fox. Such a gorgeous girl with a beautiful headpiece. I also love the photographic styling. I am such a point and shoot girl I would never have thought of only having part of a face / head, but this photo is perfect. This project is teaching me so much about photography!!!



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