The Selfie Queen Strikes Again!!!

You love photography and especially taking photos of yourself. I think that’s why Santa bought you your very own iPod, to give Mummy’s phone a break! This one included your Aunty Kim but I forgot to ask her permission to use her image so she’s been cropped out.

Things are getting harder for me, especially in the moving department, which means things are getting much harder for you too. We now spend the days doing craft, drawings and playing games like Pop Up Pirate and Snakes and Ladders. The cold, rainy weather also doesn’t help either as you now can’t go out and run off all that energy you have playing with the dogs. Not long now and your brother and sister will be here, I know the wait is killing you as much as me!

My favourite 52 project from last week (10/52) is from Raising Men, Finding Me. The concentration and slight brooding of these boys, as well as the craft of photography being used, is stunning.



One thought on “11/52

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