Sitting pensively contemplating life

This week was a big one for you Miss Niamh. It was your last week of child care. Although there were no tears and you were excited about being home with mummy, you were also nervous about whether you would see your friends again (I promise you will). You were also excited about the amazing cake Daddy made you for your last day.

This week saw you very cuddly and loving. I have lost count of the number of times you have told me you love me and how many hugs we’ve shared, how many snuggles, how many quiet moments of just holding hands. You’ve been quieter than usual, I can see your brain tick over, but you say you are “fine mummy I’m just quiet”. I’ll be here if you need me but I can see you need to work through this yourself xoxo

There was a suggestion this week on the Che and Fidel page for this 52 a week project. Tag on each of your project blogs your favourite post from the week before. I thought that was a brilliant idea and will be including this from now on! So, with no further ado: My favourite 8/52 addition from last week came from Dreaming of the Country. There is something so precious about a babies feet!



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