Yesterday seemed to be a day for firsts in my family. New experiences, new feelings, and new worries.

First and foremost, yesterday was Niamh’s “first” day at Kinder. You may wonder why I have put that in the universal finger quotes? It’s because officially the first “real” day is Wednesday. But yesterday my darling daughter and I went to her Kinder to participate in her small group interview. This was the first time she had been in the building, met the teachers and some of her classmates, and got a chance to play and explore. It was a big moment for me and I admit I nearly cried (I’m blaming these damn hormones that are running rampant and have taken absolute control of my body!). Needless to say Niamh loved every minute, didn’t want to leave when the session was over, and is very much looking forward to Wednesday.


Yesterday was also the first full day I have taken off work just to spend time with Niamh. I know how that sounds but I promise I’m not a nasty workaholic mum who has no time for her child. Since I had to go back to work all of my sick and personal days have been spent looking after Niamh when she was sick. Unfortunately that has been a lot of the time over the last three years. Daycare will do that to a child. The upside is that I am very confident there will be very little school missed next year as Niamh now has a kick-ass immune system! Either way, I made the decision that yesterday instead of taking Niamh to daycare and rushing back to work, we would spend the day together and enjoy just being together. I know once the twins arrive those times will be severely limited, especially at the start. And I’ll be honest, yesterday was lovely and just what we needed.

Another first for me yesterday, experiencing what I can only believe was a braxton hick contraction. Now I know what you are thinking, hang on doesn’t she already have a child, hence already been pregnant, hence why is this a first????? (Lots of hences I know). But I can unequivocally and without a doubt state that this was indeed a first (lucky last time I guess). And wowser I’m glad this was a first. When these are explained you think small cramp. Now I’m not sure if my body just got overexcited and went all out, but this pain was more than I had expected, longer than I expected, and put gastro pains to shame. I actually had to pull over the car and wait until it had subsided as it took all of my attention. I’m secretly hoping this was a first, and a last, lol.

And finally, the least pleasant first for the day. Last night was the first time I began to truly worry that I may not make it to the 37 week mark and that my precious babies might arrive earlier than that, perhaps much earlier. The thought of premature babies needing special care and a lengthy hospital stay scares the shit out of me. I know that if this was to happen I would cope, there is no other choice, but nobody wants to have to go through something like that. I know that my confidence up to this point has been short-sighted, over-confident and perhaps even a little arrogant, but the statistics are not something I have wanted to face. A large number of twins are born premature, most in fact from what I’ve been told by doctors and the like, and the 35th week seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst the mothers of twins I’ve spoken to. When full-term is considered 37 weeks you know there must be a reason. But Little Miss Denial me has happily ignored all of that. That is until yesterday. I am sure it was the braxton hicks that got me started on this train of thought. Couple that with the fact that both of my twins are currently measuring larger than their dates (based on the averages used) at 1.4kg and 1.3kg respectively and their body part measurements are at least a week bigger (I make big babies I’ve learnt, Niamh was always big for dates). Then there’s the part where I already feel like I did at the end of my last pregnancy (tired, sore, big and unable to move) and I’m only 29 weeks. This is obviously the wake up call I needed and I have determined to take it easier (and not beat myself up over this – actually harder than the doing less bit) and put myself and these babies first.

So overall it was a huge day of firsts for us! What firsts have you experienced lately? What did you learn, or change, from experiencing them? Or are you a mum of twins and have some advice or reassurance for me (both more than welcome and needed at the moment!)?

I hope you all have a great weekend full of amazing firsts.



2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. I spent my first whole weekend without my little man! He went away to the beach with his Aunty & Uncle. I’ve missed him alot but I know he’s having a ball.
    Sounds like you had a pretty full on week Bec- look after yourself and those babies- we don’t want them coming to early xx

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