Distracted at the baptism

I love how I can set up a photo with you posing for the camera, and yet the most beautiful shot of you is the one where you get distracted, look away, and I snap just in case! You have such a sense of style already, so feminine, so sure, so confident. I awoke this morning to be told exactly what you would wear for the baptism, how you hair would be styled, and what make up you would wear! That we compromised on. A swipe of ‘squint and you might just see it’ eyeshadow, clear gloss and some pretend ‘tapped off the brush’ blush. I can just tell you are going to break hearts when you are older, you are just gorgeous and I am so proud you are mine! xoxo




Take my photo mum, take my photo! This is my serious look!

My little she-devil angel all wrapped up in perfection, what can I say.

We are so different and yet have so much the same.

I hear me, the good and bad, come out of your mouth.

I see some of my mannerisms in the way you move and interact with the world.

But your love of posing for photos in all manner of ways, the walking with the swaying hips and hand out to the side, the love of fashion and putting so much thought and attention into what you wear, THAT my darling is all you!



I have been deciding whether to return to blogging after my one and only post from May 2012. It’s not that I don’t have things to say, or share, it has been more about not having the time, and questioning why I want to blog.

And then I discovered through my favourite blog, written by my good friend Bel over at Life at no.2, the Che and Fidel 52 Week Project “a portrait of my child/ren, once a week, every week, in 2013” and I just burned to be involved, I needed to be involved in such a visceral way!

It’s such a beautiful concept, so simple, such a great keepsake. And with the twins arriving (hopefully) late March, something just for me too.

So here I am, just a little late (so very like me I hate to admit) but with my first two photos together because I missed the 1/52 deadline (yep OK very me too lol).

Niamh all dressed up and nowhere to go. She may be a Tom boy when she plays but she also revels in the girly side of her life: dresses, make up and multitudes of different hairstyles that she dreams up!

Asleep in the car after a huge couple of days visiting Poppy