Here I go!!!

Ok so here I go.  To say I am a little nervous, a little trepidatious, a little shitting-my-pantsish would be an understatement and a half.  This whole process seems more than I expected and now I am here, staring at this white page with more than a little confusion as to what to do.  The general consensus on the tutorial (yes I am one of THOSE people who likes to research everything they do, annoying I know!) and on the net is that I should already have a “business plan” if you will, on what I am going to write on my blog.  At this point in time, on my first ever post of my first ever REAL blog, I am at a loss.  I do not see myself as a “brand” and I am not sure what that really means anyway.

Why did I start this blog I hear you ask.  Well to put it succinctly (also hard for me, I’m sure you’ll come to see that over a small amount of time) I like to talk, to share, and I am passionate as all hell about, well …. EVERYTHING!  I like to share my opinions, hear those of others, and, OK I can admit it, argue.  I really do like a good debate and don’t worry if you disagree with me, I will respect the hell out of you if you do have a strong sense of what you believe in and can come up with a range of insightful and intelligent  (and not so insightful and intelligent) reasons / arguments as to why I am wrong.  Of course I will also be frustrated at you and just assume that you are wrong (another bad trait of mine).  I will admit, however, that there have been times someone has changed my mind.

OK so on the getting to know me front you now know I talk too much, am passionate, have an opinion on almost anything and am arrogant.  This would be a little false (especially on the arrogant front, although I will admit I can sometimes appear that way).

So what else can I tell you, keeping in mind “blogs should be short and concise” (yes another thing I read on the net).  I am a wife and mother (yes I nearly swapped those terms, poor hubby) and I do not believe I am any better or worse than the average wife and mother out there.  I am a primary school teacher, and I also studying off-campus part-time.  I tell myself my post grad is because at the end I will have all of this knowledge about how to help the students in my class (I’m studying Psychology) but if I’m being honest I just really like to learn about how all different people’s brains tick.  Don’t tell hubby however because I don’t think he would be impressed we are spending all this money because I think its fun!

My hopes for this blog …  simple.  I hope some people will read and enjoy it.  I hope that I have as much fun enjoying writing it as I think I will.  But mostly I hope putting my thoughts out there and sharing my opinions will be cathartic.  I am going to try to be the real me, the one not anyone really knows, and be proud of the truth of that person!

Can you remember writing your first blog?  What did you write?  Do you have any tips or tricks to help me on my way?

Any support or comments to help me would be appreciated!