Hi my name’s Rebecca, but you can call me Bec. But please, on pain of death banishment, don’t call me Becky, I’m not five (and I hated it even then!!!)

I am a mother to three beautiful children (if I do say so myself) and am learning about the wonders (and not so joyous moments) of being a mother to twins. I am an OK wife but am blaming all that lack of sleep for my short falls at the moment in that area (poor Hubby).

I know quite a lot of people but believe I can only call a few actual friends. People think I am outgoing and gregarious but they’re wrong. I’m really the nervous, shy girl faking it until I make it. If anything I am that socially awkward person saying all the wrong things and giving the wrong impression to all and sundry, a-la Nina Proudman.

I can usually be found hiding at home covered in vomit and other bodily fluids, snacking on all the wrong things, and loving the time I’m having at home just being mum. My other roles include teacher-on-leave, part time student on leave (notice a theme yet??), reluctant homemaker (I hate cooking and cleaning) and beginning blogger.

I am what you would call a passionate person, I feel everything with all of my body, and will argue my point until I am blue in the face. I have a love of books that began when I was a very little girl and like the idea of crafts, not so much the doing of them. Although in my defence it’s hard to be crafty when you struggle to rule and cut in a straight line. I like to call myself straight line challenged.

People say I am negative, I say screw that. I am an over-sharer and tend towards telling things like they are (at least here on the blog). If I’m having a bad day or something crappy is going on I’m just as likely to share that as the good things. I’m not one to wear rose-tinted glasses and don’t apply such a filter to my blog. Whether that is smart or not is irrelevant, I can’t be anything other than myself.

I hope you enjoy reading of my adventures, my ravings and rantings, my musings, and my experiences as much as I relish sharing them.




I love to chat, and the best way to do that is if you leave a comment. Thanx for taking the time!

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